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Dr Martin Hayes Allen in Sheffield - where is he now?

Does anyone know where I can contact Dr Martin Hayes Allen or Dr Richard Benn in Sheffield,

Finally does anyone in Sheffield have a T4/T3 sympathetic GP? I am considering leaving my current practice as they have been really incompetent over quite a few things, but do not want to jump fro the frying pan into the fire!

If anyone has information, please private message me. Thanks.


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Have sent you a message


I would like that info as well pls. Thank you


I would be interested in that as well my go refuses to do my t3/t4 as she says my tsh is in range at 2.95 so there's no need despite my symptoms



I believe Dr Martin Hayes Allen is a retired GP that practices as a nutritionist now. I think he has a clinic a few hundred yards higher up than Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield.


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