Improvement? Checking for potential signs


I am trying to be optimistic here :-)

In addition to other supplements that I have been taking, I recently added 1/4 grain of armour thyroid hormone. This is due to be increased in a couple of days Since introduction of this, temperature has a more 'normal' reading. I understand that this is one of the 'sign' of improvement.

Does it follow that other improvements will start happening? i.e. if I was going to have a bad reaction would I be seeing signs of it already?

Anyone who takes this supplement, what improvements did you see early on?

Just trying to keep any eye on progress

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Armour isn't a supplement, iit is replacement thyroid hormone. Raising temperature iis a sign of improvement and as you increase your dose you should feel improvement.

Hey Clutter

I know Armour isnt a supplement - sloppy sentence stringing together, apologies. I have now amended this.

My fingers are crossed that this genuinely IS a positive sign and that the rest will follow.

Thanks for your comment.

Sandra, I noticed improvements on NDT within 4 days, so hopefully you too will do well on it. Just be careful not to increase too fast and you should see sustained improvements, like I did!

Wow! 4 days. How wonderful for you. I can see why people might be tempted to do this though, especially if it seems to be working for them but having seen this crop up frequently on forums such as these, I will definately tread with caution.

The first thing I noticed was being able to stay awake all day, then the facial swelling reduced, then the carpal tunnel pains reduced.... One by one the symptoms went away :-)

I would love for my face to go down and not look so balloon like. I loathe my picture taken at the best of times but these last few years have been torture - why dont people respect it when you tell them you dont like/want your photo taken!!! I am still discovering symptoms beleive it or not. I recently wrote to my GP asking for support with my diagnoses and when I started to refer to the list of symptoms I couldnt believe how many of the symptoms I had been to my GP about separately over the last few years little realising they were connected until recently. Hopefully this will strengthen my case :-)

My list came to 47 when I actually went through the TUK list. It was quite scary! I went up very slowly - it took 8 weeks to get to 1 3/4 grains & I have since dropped back to 1 1/2 as I was starting to feel like I had drunk too much coffee. Feel right back to normal now - just some weight to lose!

hi Harry. did you notice a change in the facial swelling quickly? At what dose

are you on NDT? and if so, how is your thyroid labwork?

Hello HarreE. Were you on any meds before NDT. My main concern is fatigue, extreme facial swelling and muscle pain. I have been on T3 only for one month without any changes.

I wasn't on anything because I was refused treatment by the NHS, despite being so ill I was off work for 4 months, so I had no choice but to self medicate. I started on 1/2 grain, and got up to 1 3/4 after 8-9 weeks. I have since dropped back to 1 1/2 and still feel fine. All of my symptoms have gone. I was in severe pain, very swollen, so exhausted I could barely move, really really unwell. The facial swelling went totally after about 10 days, but improved within a few days.

This is great news and give me some optimism. Which brand of dessicated did you take? And did you really notice such a difference on just the 1/2 grain so fast with the facial swelling? that is amazing.

Naturethroid. Yes, the changes were pretty dramatic.

No worries, Sandra. Best to make sure though :)

How long have you been taking 1/4 grain?

5 days - My post is verging on the tentative because after feeling unwell for so long, I am trying to keep myself grounded but have noticed the rise in temps.

I was astonished how quickly I felt better, so you can maybe be a bit less tentative :-)

Hope you continue to improve x

Lets hope like you I respond well to treatment :-)

Thanks Harry. I understand. I too have been off work now since mid January and am only now realizing it has to be thyroid related. All else has been ruled out. I have nearly every sign and symptom, the fatigue is debilitating and the edema terrible. Did you have your cortisol levels tested?

The endonob did them, and a synacthen test, all OK, but then I don't think my adrenals were too bad anyway. I know you think your labs are normal, but have you posted them here? People may be able to give more advice if you do.

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