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Further brain improvement on T3 only

After finally changing the last of my T4 into T3 in Spring/Summer this year I've been feeling better and bit by bit pushing myself to do more.

Now I've been undiagnosed hypo for 19 years and my brain has gradually slowed down. So it's not surprising that it hasn't sprung back into 100% amazing as soon as I got some T3 and now on T3 only.

My latest improvement is that my brain can use big words again :-D The other day I was having a conversation and the word "sanguine" popped into my head when I was chatting. It shocked me, I hadn't used a word like that in a very long time. I would have recognised it if it had been written down but my brain spontaneously suggested to me as I was searching for a word to describe how I felt about a situation. I didn't say it out loud. I didn't want to sound too posh :-P

Since then I've rediscovered other words like "assuage".

When I first took T3 I could physically feel it doing something in my brain. I imagined this to be strengthening and reconnecting all those little electrical pathways we have. Well now it's reconnected a pathway from my "speaking" part of my brain to where some big words are.

It's so positive and reassuring to know that I'm healing. I feel hopeful that I have more improvements to come :-)

Hugs to all,


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wow, I hope that will happen to me too soon as I still have lapses with memory and connecting words.

happy you are feeling the benefits x


Wonderful! It's the small things that are the big things, sometimes.

So very pleased for you, and let's hope this is just the start of your return to health.

I can relate to this brain-disconnect so well.

My brain is still struggling badly, particularly my memory ( I have to set phone alarms to make sure I take the divided doses on time), but it's my increased energy levels that have drawn comment from my nearest and dearest.

I have now got to the stage where I haven't needed to lie down (still sit, though ) in the day to sleep, and have been safe to drive at night for a while. I have more energy now than ten years ago. I went the length of Princes Street last week - shock - and survived. And, to be a bit superficial, dropped a dress size. But I never thought it could happen, and had given up hope - and yet, slowly, all these things are starting to change.

One is also tempted to wonder if T4 had any detrimental effects, or if it is all a consequence of undertreatment, and that adding T3/removing T4 has a role in rebalancing all those negative aspects.

Best of luck,xx


I've been on T3 only for 4 months now after 30 years on T4, and I'm still finding improvements in brain function, stamina, mood and general health - skin, gums, muscle tone and sleep pattern all improved. The only downside is remembering to take it at correct times, and the longish drag back if you miss a dose, and it's corollary ( that's for you, Totoro! ) that you're aware of your condition throughout the day rather than being able to take your T4 and forget it.

It does feel like the T3 is 'healing' the long term damage of T4.

Reply fine tune the brain even more it may be worth reading the book by Datis Kharrazian - Why Isn't My Brain Working....have only just started it and already I am learning. He wrote the book about Thyroid - Why Do I still have Symptoms ? ...lots of experience and interesting bits and pieces....


Glad to hear your good and positive news. It is amazing what the right thyroid hormone can do when its at an optimum level.


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