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much needed help and advice please

ive been underactive thyroid for approx 10 year , 2 year ago i started slimming world , since then i have lost 4 and a half stone but a couple of months into the diet when id lost about a stone i started to get really bad dermagraphism ! .. in the last 2 year ive had it constantly and my thyroid has been all over , 8 years previous i was on meds and was stable , in the last 2 year my thyroid has been under one min the over the next u think this problem is causing the hives ? ..could it b with eating healthy ive knocked my hyroid of balance .. im at my whits end with it , im also getting puffy wrinkly eyes . what the hell is going on and im ggetting know where with my gp! ..really appreciate any advice x

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Please take a look at this link, which explains what and how dieting can do to T4 and T3 levels and their transportation into the cells - which is where they need to go to stop symptoms.

Moggie x


I am not sure why you are having this problem but this a link which may explain why many hypothyroid patients gain weight.

Always get a copy of your thyroid gland blood test results with the ranges for your own records and so that you can post them for members to comment on them.

If you haven't had a recent one ask for one and also for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be checked too. They are usually low in hypo.


It does sound a bit as if the diet and the hives are related. And both, of course, are occuring with hypothyroidism underlying. I think you say your thyroid was well balanced before the diet? You felt well? But - as one does - wanted to lose some weight. You've persevered wonderfully with the hives to lose 4 1/2 stone! And now you wonder if you've knocked your thyroid out of whack. Sounds as if you may be right. Eating for a diet isn't necessarily eating healthily. And there are some foods which hypothyroid people should try and avoid. Try and avoid eating these raw at all, or cooked in quantity: cabbage, broccoli, turnips, rutabaga, mustard greens, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, peaches, pears, strawberries, and radishes cauliflower, millet, and African cassava. (Bummer, eh?). My own view of healthy eating is: as few TV dinners as possible and otherwise a bit of everything (meat, fish, veg, fruit, grain, pulses) preferably organic. So if your diet is a narrow one broadening it may, of itself, help you.

Does your GP's surgery have a dietician on the strength? Be worth an appointment, if so. I doubt if Slimming World will know any more about what may be going on than your GP. But have you told them you're hypothyroid? It's a bit naughty of the company not to clued up on what their diet may do to your condition. But I'm sure they have disclaimers in place.

And you might find this website interesting:

Weight gain with hypothyroidism is a total pain. I look in the mirror: I see a small hippopotamus in a pair of designer glasses. It sucks. Mega sympathies.


Hi (Humphrey......your glasses are amazing :) and have a look at soul-fire website re bodycasting and firewalking.......fabulous for changing your view of the mirror!) I'm aghast to see that I may have to limit broccoli,spinach and strawberries.....OMG lol.....curious to know what it is in these that cause the probs please? Are the greens ..ooh whatcha call em....cruciferous veg?


Yes, cruciferous veg, but I'm under the impression that if they're well-cooked they're okay (unless you're eating them by the kilo daily). Other things too - spinach, almonds, soy. I think it your diet is varied it is fine.


Now I wonder where you found a picture of me in my Lulu Guinesses? Do tell.


humphrey have you seen a good dietician? I've never met one (a conventional one) who said anything worthwhile. When my ex was diagnosed with diabetes I was horrified at what they expected him to eat (all kinds of chemical rubbish). Maybe this is one of the things which has come on a bit in recent years though.

I must admit when I was on the Weight Watchers system I ate probably better than ever. All the 'points free' stuff was great - mainly green veg, carrots, cherry tomatoes, homemade veg soup, etc - and I lost 3.5 stones. I understand that they're now pushing their own line of 'food' though, which is the usual c**p.


No, I've never seen a dietician - who has the money? Or the time? I did Weightwatchers once. And results were reasonable, certainly most I've ever lost on a diet (I lost 16 lbs I think) but then boredom set in. And as soon as I took my eye off the scales the weight scampered back on. I still find myself counting Points. Weightwatchers say that that alone helps keep weight off: not round here it don't.

I am not a natural veggie lover. Veg goes with meat and potatoes for me. So my idea of a balanced diet is that I try not to eat the same thing twice in one day. Particularly carbs. So if I have bread (sandwich say) for lunch, I don't have any more bread that day; although I'll maybe have potatoes, or crackers, or rice or pasta. Same with the other food groups. And I try to have different meals. With my mum if it was Tuesday it was cottage pie - she had a very short menu (although she was a great cook). I consciously try not to do that.


Sorry, I was referring to your reply where you suggested asking if they had a dietician at the surgery.

I wish that counting points kept the weight off but sadly it is only eating no more than the appropriate number of points that it works. :-) Now my needs are more complex due to ht and vitamin deficiencies etc so I have gone off piste.


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