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Im new to this site and i came to it basically because im sure i have thyroid problems. Im 64 yrs old and do suffer from chronic arthritis but this past two years or so i have really felt unwell, l went onto a website that deals with thyroid symtoms and out of the 300 symptoms listed i could relate to many of the symptoms including a stubourn weight gain realy bad night sweats, nasal infections, bladder problems, noises in the head, a feeling of something stopping me from swallowing like a swelling inside my throat at the base of the neck. tenderness under my skin really tender to touch all overfeels like bruising under the skin, severe tiredness infact chronic tiredness i sleep most of the time. l could go on and on, last year have had blood tests which have not shown thyroid problems but i again did read that my GP could request T3 in and out for a more indepth report. Can anyone advise me what to do as its falling on deaf ears with my GP. thank you and regards from Lindy ( Scottydogs ) ~~~~

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some gps wont do all the blood tests.mine only did TSH which whilst within range according to some on here it was quite high,and he said the labs wont do T3 andT4 I=f TSH is normal.i can associate with many of the symptoms too including nightmares-do you have them?


I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPLY i have an appointment to see my doctor again next week and im going to tell her that im going to have private blood tests if she wont do it on the nhs. and yes i get very bad nightmares and noises in my head like a zapping sound drives me mad. i will update you as soon as i know regards scottydog


Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you feel so unwell and your GP isn't listening. It seems to be a common theme on here! I think many of us have turned to paying for a private test with Blue Horizon Medicals, where they can test T3, T4 and thyroid antibodies, just to get the answers our GPs won't test for. You can get £10 if you quote TUK10 as a member of this forum xx


So sorry to hear you feel so poorly.

Shiny means you can get £10 OFF the cost of the tests if you quote the code.

Have you tried talking to a different doctor at your practice? I know it's difficult when you feel so woozy. You might try composing a letter to the head of practice telling him/her how bad you feel, listing your most debilitating symptoms, asking again for the tests you believe will reveal your condition and asking them if they aren't going to do those tests what ARE they going to do to make you well again. And don't let them give you that c*rap about it being your age. You have very many good years ahead yet before that becomes appropriate. If it ever does.


Haha, thanks humphrey, yes, I seemed to have missed out the most important word in the sentence!


thank you so much for your reply it has helped me to know others seem to have simular symptons as i thought i was going mad. i will update you as my results im going to have another go at my doctor if she wont do it on nhs i will go to blue horizon regards scotty


Welcome to the site! You have come to the right place, there are loads of people here who can help and advise you! Some people are good at looking at your blood tests, others about vitamins and supplements, we are all in the same or similar boats. I am 60 and recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism - only just managed to get the diagnosis - which, like you will find, is not easy and straightforward as it should be!! I bet you if you have not been told you are depressed you will be in the not too distant future!! It has happened to so many of us!! Well from what you say in way of your symptoms you seem eligible to join our exclusive club. Look on the main Thyroid UK site for a comprehensive list of symptoms. You will learn so much, and you will also be assured that you are not going bonkers, and if you wake up at 2am and want to scream, just come on the website and type in "It's "2am and I want to scream" At least it will make you feel better, and we most of us can relate to that!! Good Luck New Sister! Sheenah XX

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If you can't change your GP, I would try going for private tests, Blue Horizon or Genova. Get TSH, T3 and T4 and TPO antibodies. It would also be good to get your VitD, B12, folate, iron and ferritin levels checked. Once you have results post them on here and you should get plenty of comment.

Your GP needs to be reminded that if he cannot diagnose what is wrong with you, then he should refer you to a Consultant who can. Hope you get a result!


If you could get a copy of your blood results with ranges and post them here you will get lots of advice. Maybe even ask for bloods to be checked again and get copies of both lots.

Jo xx


THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR MAILS. I helps to know im not going mad it seems to go from one symptom to another all the time. the fatigue is kind of life altering isnt it there as so mant things i should be doing but dont have the energy to do. Next week i will have my final attempt at asking my doctor to listen if not i will go direct to blue horizon i have been on their website the only question l have IS where do i go to have the bloods taken i understand they send out the nessasery items and you take them to a fleabotomist to have bloods taken are doctors generally awkward about this i think mine may charge i dont know. Watch this space i will post my results and ask again for you advice as a comunity. How can i thank all who replied i dont know kindest regards lindy ( scottydog)


1) First Step is to ask for appropriate tests - TSH FT4 FT3 and for the presence of Thyroid antibodies like TPOAb and

2) possibly a neck ultrasound scan

3) a mineral/vitamin deficiency check, as these can cause similar overlapping symptoms of pain, fatigue, pins/needles, depression, carpal tunnel etc. Ask for iron ferritin folate B12 and Vitamin D (Big culprit as we really don't get enough sunshine)

If GP won't do them, some folk pay a fee (£10?) to get bloods drawn but many tests can be done by finger prick method. But remember not everything shows up in the blood - I did ask my GP for a blood test for depression (oops, just me being cheeky!) & sometimes things can hang around in the blood not being used!

4) Ask for a print out of your results (you are entitled) & post them here, often GPs reasurringly say 'normal' even when at the very bottom or top of range, well that's usually an indication things are 'only just normal' - and actually we are very capable of feeling when we're not normal! - we have signs & symptoms - good luck! J :D TUK list here...


getting a diagnosis (not that we want one really!)



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