sleepless nights and shakes

i have recently been diagnosed hypothyroid and have been on 50 mg levothyroxine since 24th April, since then my insides feel like Im sitting on a washing machine and my son felt my legs and my back and he said mum you feel like a live battery!!!

Its ghastly and it feels horrible like my blood is on simmer,, its very uncomfortable and keeps me awake,,along with the white noise going on in my head ,, does anyone know if if i have the dose increased will these symptoms go?

its really driving me nuts..!!!

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Did they test for Hashi's or why you are hypo? With Hashi's I think you can still produce hormone for awhile. It sounds as if you are now hyper. Have you had any recent blood tests taken after taking the Levo for awhile?

Dear dellie-_42

thank you for your reply

no i haven't been tested for hashis or why im hypo,, i have a feeling it has something to do with the fact all my family were ill at the same time and my partner with differing degrees of hospital visits and stays and i was getting a great deal of stress at work too ,

However my mother does have a thyroid problem but shes on 75 mg thyroxine, but she didnt know she had it and doesnt really know if shes better or worse,,!!

I had a blood test weeks ago which confirmed i was hypo apparently very . I have asked to be refferred to a specialist as i feel dreadful now and even though 50mg is a low dose i seem to have more symptoms now than i ever did, i have put on two stone , and cant get rid of it and have no energy and feel weak lots and am over tired most of the time, cant sleep cos as mentioned am on the loo every half hour through the night and could not sleep if i wanted to.

thank you



Sounds like you adrenal issues. You should do a 24 saliva test and see what your cortisol levels are doing

hello sallypg

i do hope that the levo hasn't given me adrenal issues too i will be sueing my doctor.

I had a kidney infection when i was first diagnosed but went on antibiotics and this seems to have gone apart from being up all night having to urinate,, im told by others on this forum that levo can do this



The only way to know is the 24 hour saliva adrenal stress test.

how do you get this test ?as i read about what low cortisol levels do and i have every one of those symtoms and it scared me as the call it the death hormone and i feel like im 105!!!!


kind regards


I got this too when my dose was increased.. Even though my bloods were reading as good I felt awful... full of electricity all night and exhausted in morning. Exactly how you described . I decided myself to decrease dose by 25mg and feel a million times better was on 75mg now 50mg. You need certain nutrients in your diet to convert the medication to usable energy and if your body cant do this its like electricity going round and round your body unused. You need lots of foods high in b vitamins, vit d magnesium.. among others. Google how to trat thyroid naturally and follow their advice on diet. I hope you get it sorted. Do what feels right to you. No point feeling unwell as the doctor is not you and doesnt know how awful you can feel even if bloods read well

Dear siobhangaffney

I am glad im not the only one.

However its absolutely ghastly

the tablet is so small how on earth does one cut it in half?

could you please expand on these certain nutrients,, i do take vit b 12, and vit d and various other supplements. However i hate this going to loo every half hour, not being to eat foods i once loved ,

not being able to get out of bed until the pain killers kicked in, aching, feeling weak and tired and things not healing as fast as my body is feeling like a 105 year old.

My son said he felt my body and it was like a live battery,, I feel like ive got 1000 volts permanently i have also got this horrible white noise that i never had before and i cant think ,,until i get this sorted i cant work,. my usual job is walking but my bursitis hasnt healed so i cant do that at the moment and when i was at work and they put me in the office i fell asleep alot,i still do and until i can get this sorted i cant do the office or outside,,im fed up with this ,, no energy!!

so sorry to hear youre going through similar i really empathise,,im on 50mg too dont know what to do with myself xxx

I have asked the doc to refer me to a specialist,



I'm so sorry I know this is 2 yrs ago but I just found your message now . I have learned a lot in those two yrs, have been up and down like yourself. I wasn't cutting the tablets in half at that time you asked me this question, they come in different doses,50 mg or 25 mg.

Since then I have tried lots of different approaches and this definitely has helped me the most. I take zinc and a magnesium supplement every day about 11am with my snack and then with dinner I take vit b complex and evening primrose oil. I then take my meds about 10pm.That live battery/electricity feeling I think is due to your body not changing the meds into usable energy and so it just goes round and round you with nowhere to go . I read that you need the above vitamins/ minerals to convert the meds successfully. I had that electricity feeling, brain fog, fatigue etc, but dont anymore now that I eat really well and take the above vits religiously every day. I know its so long since you asked this but I'm sure like me the same advice still applies unless you were miracalously cured. Hope this helps,


Have had those symptons for 13 mths now,were severe 1st 6 mths was taking genetic thyroxine 50 mcgs Had high bp headache,nausea,ringing in ears,pins & needles in hands.Lost 5 kgs.Pharmacist told me I was hyper, cease med.6 mths later diagnosed with gut,liver inflammation & low cortisol & vitamin B12 deficiencyThyroid levels normal since.Told not take cheap thyroxine has fillers in it..

Dear Marylin

thanks for your reply

I also have pins and needles in my hands and ringing in my ears i have put on two stone and i just cant lose it, i want to desperately feel normal again, i have asked to be referred to a specialist, i told the gps i respected them but they were general and this is a complicated thing and i ve developed all these horrible symptoms. ive been diagnosed hypo not hyper, and i do take vit b 12, and d, and other supplements. I take what i was prescribed. 50 mg levo

i will keep on this magic forum full of all the wonderful earth angels that i couldn't get through this without



While I do think that you need to tell your doctor who may need to run some tests (maybe on adrenals and other things that can affect how you react to medication), the fact that you so recently started taking meds means it can definitely just be your body adjusting to medication. I get a similar feeling when I increase my dose and I agree it's quite horrible. Having said that, I used to have really bad tremors and that stopped when I cut out gluten. No one with Hashimoto's should ever eat gluten but particularly if you have these kinds of symptoms you may want to think about trying to cut that out.

dear siini

i have stopped eating bread .that helps

i have asked to be referred to a specialist as i hate these tremors and the tinnitus and the pins and needles..

I am on 50 mg levothyroxine and i hate every minute minute of this horrible condition, other than being intoroduced to all these wonderful people on this forum, of whom i wouldn't have been able to get through these past few weeks without as this condition is going to change everything the way i work ,the things i am allowed to do in my job the amount of hours i will be allowed to work,.. the last time i had a life changing illness,,i had breast cancer and just got the all clear this year and.. sods law i become hypothyroid,,i think something in the universe hates me!!!



Now that I've read a bit more from you, it does sound like adrenals reacting to the hormones and not being hyper. But like someone else said, that could be because you need to start out on a lower dose of levo. Because you were so hypo to begin with, your adrenals could be having a little trouble keeping up with the raised thyroid hormone levels. I am having a problem with raising my dose (I am still hypo) and believe, after everything I have read and been told here, that it is adrenals causing it. I go a lot at night, too, but not as bad as you. I am lucky when I don't have to get up more than 4 times at night, but I don't go every 40 minutes. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

THANKYOU so much for bothering to reply.i am however having a great deal of trouble understanding this , and i am going to have to go back to read all the stuff about adrenals now,,but this sounds about right as my blood feels like its rushing through and giving me the shakes.

I cant cope with all these physical changes and its doing me in,,,

I wish it was just as easy as going to the doctors and just getting something to sort it and then bingo youre back to work ... i must admit its a horrible experience one which i am not enjoying one bit and im sure every one else on this site is not enjoying ,, i hope you too recover soon and get back to normal soon,,

all the very best xxx



Hi astroscopesuk, sorry I don't have the answer, wish I did because a get some very similar symptoms. I had tremors in my torso and thighs BEFORE I started taking Levothyroxine. I got these tremors when I had finished driving back from work (infant school teacher and the drive was very hectic!) I then and still do now, BUT not so much since taking 50mcg Levothyroxine, have tremors almost as soon as I close my eyes to go to sleep. It's so weird, the tremors feel strong but if I put my hand on my stomach I can't feel the tremors on my hand. I console myself that it doesn't hurt and just think it's one of those strange quirk of having Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism.

Dear Soldieress

thankyou for your comments, I just wish it would stop as im not used to this and it feels so odd .I also have slight tinnitus with this which is very disconcerting as I love a nice peacefull room and all i hear is hiss,,,

however i fear this dreadful condition is going to change my life for one im not going to relish, but since ones health is paramount i suppose i will have to suffer this until i recover.

I do empathise and hope to goodness that you feel better soon



Are you still having these problems? I have had a strange shaking on my insides also!! I get it in my chest and now in my lower abdominal area too!! Have you any idea what it is?? right now I am trying to go to sleep and it feels like my insides are all shaking... :(

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