Home remedies for sleepless nights.

I know a lot of Hashimoto sufferers suffer from sleepless nights. I'm really struggling right now. I usually read for about an hour before sleep, nothing too taxing. Sometimes I fall asleep only to wake up within half an hour, other times I don't sleep at all, tossing and turning for hours. Sometimes I go to the spare room and read some more or get up and make a cup of tea. I usually nod off around two or three and wake as normal at five thirty. So tired and grumpy, what can I do.

There is no use calling the GP and the endo. is worse.

Help please.x

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Rotten isn't it? I do sympathise as I go through bouts of very bad sleep quality; either just randomly waking up or waking up in a right sweat and generally overheated.

When I was first diagnosed the doctor gave me a light dose of Zopiclone to take a couple of times a week just so that I could have a full nights sleep...it was lovely and I was sad when they eventually ran out (your body can get very dependent on Z drugs).

It's the blasted Hashi going through a slightly hyper phase isn't it. I find that getting up and having a bit of a mooch around the house, say hello to the cats and make a cup of hot chocolate (Green & Blacks is yummy), tea just makes me worse, I guess it's the caffeine and I never drink tea after 5.00pm.

I'm afraid I haven't got any other remedies. :(

Thanks Spongecat, At least I'm not alone. Do you really think it's a hyper phase? Perhaps lowering my second dose of T3 would help. Never thought of giving up my last cup of tea. Also the soles of my feet burn. x

Hi Beaton. I'm sorry that you are struggling with sleeping, as I do myself, and I really haven't found a failsafe remedy for that. However, I also suffer from the soles of my feet burning and tingling at night and a simple remedy that I found has helped my hugely is to keep a hot water bottle in bed full of COLD water. If my feet get hot, burn and tingly I just put them on the cold bottle and it seems to help very quickly and if that is the reason I am staying awake I can generally nod off once the cold bottle has eased my feet.

I found that it can also help when I am hot flushing at night when I then will put the cold bottle on my lower stomach (not sure why this works!) or clamp it between my thighs.

It is worth a try and I hope it helps x

Great idea thank you Abby.x

you could try a strong cup of camomile tea at bedtime, certainly no other kind of tea

Thanks, Might have to try it.x

are you in the UK?

Yes, a very wet and miserable Cornwall. x

lol. Not wet here at the moment for a change in Warwickshire :) but I see the clouds building up. I found that Asda's caffeine free Camomile actually brewed stronger and quicker than some of the branded names and I always squeeze the teabag as well to get it all out. Helps my palps out too :)

Thanks I'll try them.x

Hi beaton, I am also in wet, windy Cornwall. I have a real problem getting to sleep, in fact it's got worse lately, no idea why.

When it's really bad I take Quiet Life tablets, they definitely help me get off to sleep and I wake less during the night.

Thanks for that Annie, will get some.

Hi Beaton - I take the supplement 5-HTP to help with my insomnia. It's been a lifesaver for me as insomnia was driving me to distraction. Be careful if you're on antidepressants though - you can't take it then.

I've also noticed that as I've been addressing my adrenal problems my insomnia has lessened. Do you have adrenal problems, do you think?

Thanks Caroline, You have made me think, not on any drugs apart from T3 because I am very sensitive to them. Might just look into the 5-HTP.x

Consider taking L-Theanine about 30-40 mins before bed. It doesn't cause drowsiness.

Thank you, never heard of that so will look into it.x

It's an amino acid, reputed to be helpful to thyroid/adrenal conditions. For anxiety, stress, etc it can also be taken in the daytime. You'll find it in independent health stores.

Thank you.xx

I find that Cherry Active cordial ( health food shops ) helps with this it has natural form of melatonin. I take it as a tea in hot water about an hour before I go to bed. Posters have suggested lots of things to try so be careful to space them out so you know what works

Good luck ;)

Thanks Repunzel, strangely I used to take Cherry Active for pain, so perhaps it is time to invest in some more.x

'Invest is the right word - it's blindingly expensive isn't it ? I get mine on t'internet and I've got it down to £26 ish for a brace of 437ml bottles. Then I get 20 'servings' out of each one. Montmorency cherries are supposed to be really good for lots of things but I'm too tired to investigate... :D

I suffered from insomnia all my life until about 9 months ago. Since I made 3 changes I almost always now sleep well and easily. The changes are all a bit odd though! First, I now sleep in a hammock and not a bed. Second, I have an earthing strap around my ankle. Third I hypnotize myself to sleep when I go to bed. I don't know if it's one, all, or none of these that's cured my sleep, but the change has been amazing.

Thank you, will bear it in mind.xx

Hi Beaton, I go through phases of sleep deprivation. I go off to sleep ok then it's like a lightbulb goes on in my brain and I'm wide awake. I have a battery operated device that gives a choice of soothing sounds-my preferred one is the sound of waves. Not many times I hear it switch off. hope you get some good sleep soon. X

You sound the same as me, will try to find one, thank you Mabsie.xx

You're welcome Beaton.x

Barton, I have a similar pattern of insomnia, falling asleep for an hour or two, then springing up wide awake. I take melatonin, which at least makes me feel sleepy by bedtime.

I use a lot of aromatherapy, now, but the best is a lavender pillow I always have near my nose when I first get into bed.

I try to do at least one mindfulness exercise during the day, which makes me more likely to stay asleep.

And finally, I have amassed a large collection of audiobooks and podcasts, so I have something to do during the maybe 8 hours of wakefulness, and am not just fretting that I can't sleep.

Oh, I do think this pattern can be due to adrenal problems, especially if you are waking fairly late in the night, around 4am. This is mixed up with blood sugar dropping, as it does for everyone around this time. But if you don't have a strong adrenal system to cover for you, this can wake you up.

So if I'm at all hungry I will have a snack. And make sure not to go to bed hungry in the first place.

vocado, some good tips worth trying.x

I am not sure if my remedy will help my friends on here but if helps anyone it's worth a try.... In a way I am lucky because I don't get too many really sleepless nights... and I sympathise with you all..however this is how I cope when I do..I know it sounds silly but it works for me... ...

I count all the coffee shops and cafes etc in h town..(there are at least 30 or more)

I start at one end of the town, go into,the Mall and out again.... often forget where I ha e got to and then have to start all o well again... I very rarely get to the end of my town..

PLease don't be offended by my comments they are not intended to be flippant in any way..

Also I sometimes try and remember all the coats I have bought in my life..I am very old so by the time I have worked thar out ..I've fallen asleep.

Posted with kind wishes to you all

HAther xx

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