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Gall Bladder polyps - relationship to possible thyroid issues

Anybody any experience with gall bladder polyps I have been told I have one (may need to get gallbladder removed), is this related to thyroid or vice versa? Brief history, recent left thyroid lobectomy to remove benign tumour - advised thyroid tests all in range, then diabetes type 2 scare but following HB1ac test given the all clear, have thyroid symptoms, extreme fatigue, slow healing acne, shaking, eye bags, bad sleeping pattern, itchy skin, right rib/back pain, swollen ankles, sore feet, brain fog, lack of concentration, unable to lose weight, lack of interest in life in general etc, etc. Any info gratefully received. thank you.

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I think your GP should do a full thyroid function test again. Get a copy of your results, with the ranges, and post for comments. It does sound as if you have clinical symptoms. He should do more than the TSH.


I am due to get thyroid function tested again but had to wait a few weeks (6wks?) from last test, once I have it done I will repost my results, thanks for the reply.


Hi I was told I had polyps in my gall bladder 6 years ago, I was in a lot of pain and it kept reoccurring . It was getting to the point of taking it out, when my mother told me what a very old doctor told my father when he had the same problem.

' keep off the pig boy'

I gave up pork altogether and two things happened, I haven't had one episode with my gall bladder since and I was able to loose weight.

Now I can't say it will work for everyone but it worth a try before surgery ( something to do with pork being fatty) . Hope this helps, it sure made my life better

I to have under active thyroid


I will give it a try, thanks for the reply.


Gall bladder problems certainly go hand in hand with hypothyroid but do not on any account rush in to surgury

removing the gall bladder can cause more problems than it cures

It seems more likely you are actually Hypothyroid but the doctors are ignoring tests and claiming they are normal

Get the actual test results and reference ranges they are claiming "normal" so we can help you furthur


I am on a waiting list so figure I have 12 weeks to research. I will post my test results once I get them the last lot were in range but I have to wait another few weeks before they will retest, thanks.


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