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Post viral thyroid issues (subacute)

Hi all!

Just beginning a new chapter in my research into my own health (long story short is after 1 1/2 years of being treated with Levo, my thyroid healed itself, leaving me with what now appears to be chronic fatigue like symptoms, the long version can be found in the link below).

I was just wondering if anybody on this forum had any experience similar to mine, knew of anybody who has or simply has any input into the matter/investigation. According to my GP consultancy notes which I recently stumbled upon, I saw a doctor in Summer 2014 (a month before my hypo diagnosis) complaining of severe flu-like symptoms, shortly after my thyroid was shot and I was medicated "for life".

I'm now being tested for everything under the sun (and have been for the last 10 months), I occasionally have whacked results (often different white cells, results consistent with a viral infection) but nothing we can consistently point to as a cause for chronic fatigue, brain fog, headaches etc.

Love to hear if anybody has any input on the matter given its not quite the typical thyroid story you hear!


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Hi Matt my son also called Matt has the same symtoms which has him now only able to work one afternoon a week being labelled as cfs however he paid private to see a senior pathologist also an endro it turns out his testosterone is on the floor . . Just a thought fir you to Mabe get checked out as it causes all similar symtoms

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Hi Truvape,

Among my literal hundreds of tests I've had done and repeated, no doctor has ever mentioned testosterone to me! Do you mind me asking how old your son is? Is he of an age where men's T levels tend to start to drop or was it out of the blue? I was very active before my diagnosis (at 19), now 21 living completely sedentary, definitely worth looking into isn't it?

I'll get on the phone to my GP tomorrow and have them add it to my upcoming test, cheers!


No he is only 27 . . His level is on the floor check online the symtoms . We Realy hope this is the answer as he had no quality of life to be honest . . They then checked pituary incase that's what the problem was but thankfully it's fine . Worth getting tested it should b high teens an his level is 6


So, did you get your nutrients optimised? What are you taking now?

Did you get your TgAB tested?

Have you had recent thyroid tests to see how you're going on?


Hi greygoose!

On and off different nutrients for a while, I now only take a multivitamin and vit D

Never had anymore antibodies tests (is that what TgAb is?), however I have now had my third thyroid test in 10 months that was inside range

TSH 0.9 (0.55-4.8)

T4 12 (9-23)


You are absolutely wasting your time and money taking a multi-vitamin! You won't get anything out of it. You would be far better off getting your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested again to see where they are, and supplementing individually as needed. They've probably all done down again, as you've stopped supplementing.

Yes TgAB is antibodies. If you really want to know if you have Hashi's, this should be tested, or you should get an ultra-sound of your gland.

So, you're saying that your TSH has been 'in-range' for 10 months, now? Given that the ranges are so vast, that doesn't really mean anything. You are hypo when your TSH hits 3.

That FT4 is very low.

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All being tested again on Thursday as well as a few other things, I'll request that my TgAB be tested as truthfully I'm not sure it ever has been.

Dr.P pulled me off Levo in Feb, May, Sept and last week's tests all show me as within range both for TSH and T4


Yes, but 'in-range' is meaningless. It's not the same as optimal. It's where in the range the result falls that matters. If your TSH is right at the top of the range, you are hypo.

Judging by the results you've posted, your TgAB hasn't been tested, and the NHS never does it, anyway. You would have to go private.

If your multi-vit contains methylcobalamin, then your B12 results will be skewed, and not as high as they look. Best stop the multi-vit now, anyway, or they'll all be skewed! :)

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This sounds just like my friend. She has just seen a private endo who was brilliant. He is certain she has a bad flare up of glandular fever ( which she had as a child) and Is post viral. He said she needs T3 but has to address the virus first or the T3 will make her worse. So has prescribed a 3/4 month course of an anti viral medication and life changes to stop the stresses which are causing the glandular fever to reappear. Then she is to add 10 mg of T3 to her 100mg of Levo.


Hi family!

The trouble I'm having is that I have no particular indication within my bloods of which was to go (endo, immunology, rheumatology etc), given how general the symptoms are.

It's good to hear your friend is finally getting the treatment she needs though! I can't imagine I'll ever be in a position where I'm re-medicated with thyroid hormone given that I've been "in range" 10 months now, we'll have to see!


My friends bloods are all in range albeit T3 is low end of range. No blood test was taken for Glandular fever virus but Endo was certain that was it from her symptoms. He said once you have had it it lays like a dormant beast for stress in any form, not eating properly, working too long, poor sleep, money problems etc etc all cause steroid to be produced in body and steroid awaken the virus ( like petrol on fire) and that attacks her thyroid and whole immune system. Hence the anti viral medication and life changes before the T3. Hope that explains a little more. Have you even had glandular fever? My friend didn't know she had but thought as a child she had tonsillitis several times a year and despite have tonsils removed still feels she has tonsillitis!


What anti-viral medication is your friend taking Familymatters? I didn't think there was anything for viruses?

It seems the Epstein-Barr virus (glandular fever) has a lot to answer for. According to Medical Medium it's the cause of all my problems and can lie dormant for decades.


I also had subacure thyroiditis. My thyroid didn't recover and am on Levo and doing fairly well. Interestingly when I payed for private bloods recently the antibodies came back as positive suggesting autoimmune now... It may be worth getting yours checked if you haven't already


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