Adrenal stress test - is the Secretory IgA part important?

It costs an extra £22. Is it necessary? I want to find out if I have adrenal fatigue or similar so I'm looking at ordering a 24 hour saliva test, either the Adrenal Stress Profile which tests cortisol and DHEA, or the comprehensive one which adds Secretory IgA. Has anyone done these tests, and would you recommend the comprehensive one?

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  • Oh, and now I just found another one which also tests for Antigliadin Antibody! I just want to get the best idea possible of whether I have adrenal exhaustion. Would cortisol and DHEA be sufficient?

  • Hi. I can't advise about the value of the test but I'm aware that SIgA protects against bacteria & viruses, & low levels make us more susceptible to infection, asthma, autoimmune conditions, coeliac, crohns, allergies etc. Very high levels are found with chronic infections and immune system overload. So it could be useful to know the levels.

  • Ok thank you! I may as well just go for the whole lot then (and get you guys to help me work out what it all means!)

  • That is such useful ans succinct information Hypnoteq - thanks.

  • Thank you Shencks :-)

  • Actually I'm not sure I can order it! They've asked for my GPs registration number...

  • Hi Gentle Orange, I decided to add the secretory IgA to my test and I am glad I did. My result was really high and now doc is looking for the cause of it (infection or inflammation). Like Hypnoteq has said - low or high results are important indicators. Let us know how you get on :-)

  • I hope that the cause is identified sixpackchick. Did you have particular symptoms of a high level?

  • My tests showed low cortisol and v low DHEA and then v high secretory IgA, am seeing recommended doc in Hendon and waiting to see what other tests I need. Possibly comprehensive stool analysis as have been having dreadful IBS for years. I thought at first it was my thyroid but he suspected (and tests show) it is an adrenal problem. Have been ill for years and now I feel like I have crashed. I am so glad I found this site as it has helped so much! Lovely people and so much information. I hope you get some answers x

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