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Am I Going Crackers ?

I had my thyroid bloods done on Friday 13th June - rang GP surgery last week and only TSH came back which was 1.04. My Ferritin was 91.1. No T4 result was there.

Have rang again today and still no T4 result. Have rang the hospital blood laboratory and spoke to a nice lady who informed me that T4 is only tested on special criteria. When asking what that criteria was, she said its when the GP requests it. I said the box was ticked on the form for T4.

I said my TSH was within normal limits (or so the GP said). She said that could possibly be why the T4 was not tested. She said she will have a look through the tests and send them to the GP if she finds a result for T4.

My question is, is this correct do they only do T4 if the TSH is not normal.

Den xx

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Den, this will be the lab deciding that TSH is in range so FT4 test is not required. You can phone the lab and ask for it to be tested if they've retained the sample as your GP requested the test or you can get your GP to get on to the lab and demand it if s/he will.

Personally, I think it's outrageous that labs decide to ignore GP requests in order to make budget savings.


Hi Clutter

That's what I thought. I did ring the Nuffield last week to get a private blood test done for thyroid it would be £124.00 but even though I would pay and not go through my private insurance, they still want a referral letter from GP. Makes no sense.

My Endo who I have seen on and off for the past 9 years has moved away from the Nuffield where I used to see him.

I have asked to speak to the Practice Nurse at my surgery to see if she can throw any light on this. I was supposed to have an appointment today at 3.00, but I feel so rubbish I cannot get there.


Den, you can order your own blood tests from Blue Horizon and Genova

Your GP surgery needs to chase the hospital lab for a written report of your results.

I hope you feel better soon x


If you live near a Spire private hospital you could go through without a GP referral.

list of spire hospitals:


Thank you, yenool. I do live near Spire Hartswood in Brentwood Essex. I will look into this.

Den xx


Practice Nurse has just rang me and apparently there are no results on my file sent from the hospital laboratory. When I was told last week my TSH results, that was from the receptionist ringing the lab and getting the results over the phone.



I was once told that normal results are not documented in my notes! Well we all know that often normal is not normal plus I think that everything should be there so that you can say this patient was last tested in ..... And the readings given. Otherwise there is no proof that these things have been considered at all or a check being kept on them-another good reason for asking for a copy of lab work.


Den, this will be the lab deciding that TSH is in range so FT4 test is not required. Correct. The tail is wagging the dog. The only way to get it changed is for everyone to complain everytime.


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