Am I going Mad?

Where do I start? I have symptoms such as exhaustion, dry skin, thirst I cannont quench, aching limbs/muscles, headaches, dizziness, weight gain and a few others but they don't seem to be taking these into account. Also recently found out from my mum that her biological father sufferd from thyroid issues as does her half brother (who had his removed).

Had 5th set of tests come back "negative" for thyroid today and I don't know what to do, doctor seems to want to go down the "you're depressed route". To me it seems that he's saying that I'm 39, single and childless......must be depressed. I have seen depression close up and I know it's not that - although at this rate I might end up in the loony bin just from banging my head against the wall!

Any help gratefully received!

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  • Please get a print-out of your thyroid gland blood tests from the GP complete with ranges as labs differ and someone will comment. If you search Depression other links will come up.

    Unfortunately, GP's do not know/understand the clinical symptoms of thyroid problems.

    If he hasn't done a T3 blood test you can get one from the private labs as many labs do not do T3 if your TSH is 'within range'. Often your T3 can be low which causes symptoms.

    The following are links re TSH which you may find helpful.

  • I got my test results and I'm super confused.

    TSH is 1.42 (0.3-5.6)

    Free T4 is 10.3 (7.8-14.4)

    I really do now think that I'm imagining it all :-(

  • Thanks Shaws - much appreciated! He only did the TSH test - I'm very lucky in that I get private medical through work but it's getting the referral.....Will check out the links and also get a copy of the test results.

    Best wishes

  • You are fortunate to be on private medical so if you wish you can email who has a list of sympathetic doctors and at least you will have a chance of recovering your health.

  • No you are not going mad! I have often thought that myself and still do, and still from time to time almost give in to the depression diagnosis and all that goes with it, but now I come on here and it reminds me that I am right, I do have an illness, I am NOT mad and that there is plenty support on this board to get me through.

    Stick with it, you will get here.

    Gail x

  • Thanks so much Gail - good to know I'm not on my own with this!

    I know what you mean about sometimes almost giving in - hurts more though when family start to tell you that they don't believe you.

    Good luck with it too.....let's hope we finally get taken seriously x

  • No not mad just fighting for your health - me too! feel free to read profile.

    Keep us updated. xx

  • Good luck PoppyRose - here's hoping our fight isn't too long x

  • Well... had a discussion with hubby this morning and he's getting fed up with GP now. You see me booking an private appointment at £245 per 50 mins has given him the kick up his *!£" he needed. THAT is some doing!

    Maybe he will start taking me seriously too now. ;)

    Blooming hard work when you're trying to convince the GP AND your hubby that there's somenting still wrong AND I actually am not enjoying any of it and do want my life back!!

    OK rant over - thanks - good luck! :)

  • It's my doctor and mother I'm having the battle with - she just thinks I'm lazy and overeat!

    Good luck - I know how hard it is x

  • I got my test results and I'm super confused.

    TSH is 1.42 (0.3-5.6)

    Free T4 is 10.3 (7.8-14.4)

    I really do now think that I'm imagining it all :-(

  • Hi

    It would be a really good idea to have a full thyroid profile done - including T3 & thyroid antibodies.

    Also, has anyone tested your B12? The symptoms can be similar.

    Info on private testing - in particular the Active B12 test from Blue Horizon - can be found here:



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