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Need help with my hair,thyroid has taken off my hair.

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I was diagnosed with over active thyroid, at frist I loss a lot of weight,did the blood test my hormone level was high still over active now I am gaining weight, my hair has fallen out in patches I have ball spot every where,how can I get my hair back , I am in need of help

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Hi sorry you having problems, alot of people with overactive thyroid havr hair loss.Mine didnt come out in patches but seeed to generally look thinner all over . Hopefully yours will improve once your thyroid levels become closer to range . Someone may contact you eho has experience of the patches.Are you om treatment and under care of an endocrinologist. ?

Mine was falling out or thinning with hypothyroid/meds, the menopause, then now mild lupus...I didn't notice, but hairdressers did... When I put conditioner on it and rinse, I can still see its coming out a bit...I think when things settle a bit, it will come back....Good multivitamin and silica be good for hair...

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Honey silicone is not really good for your hair, I am a Hairdresser. I think a very good treatment with protein and moisture in it. Also try never to get conditioner on your scalp, sometimes you can get a build up and you want your scalp as clean as possible so new hair growth is possible. Also if you gentley massage the area with maybe alittle active massage oil, just a tiny bit it might encourage hair growth. Relax as well, because the tiny papilla's need a relaxed scalp to penetrate thru and grow. Hope maybe this might help you. Rita x

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Sorry its Silica....•

Strengthens bones and nails

•Promotes healthy hair and skin.

•A factor in the maintenance of good health.

•Helps in connective tissue formation.

•Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

•Helps to maintain immune function

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Oh like DE?

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horsetail herb

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Sorry I should wear my glasses.

Hi. So sorry to hear about your hair loss. I to have suffered with overactive thyroid and hair loss/thinning. I kept mentioning it to my doc who sent me to see a dermatologist. Who then diagnosed a couple of things. He has prescribed me Regain for women. 2% solution only. Have got but not started it yet as could possibly lose a bit more at start of treatment and im getting married in 6 weeks so will be starting it after. Also use Aveda shampoo & conditioner called invati for thinning & hair loss. Bought from house of fraser. Hope some of these help and good luck with your treatment.


Hi - I became aware of hairloss when I got my eyebrows threaded. The woman told me to stop plucking them from the edges, as I was making them too short! Then I realised I never pluck them from the edges and they just weren't growing.

Then as well, I could see my eyelashes were also getting weak and falling out. Also, it felt like my hair was thinning around my hairline.

My Dr looked again at my bt and said perhaps I was slightly hyper now and decreased my thyroxine to 75. I have Hashimotos, so that can make you either hypo/hyper.

I read up and decided to instead take my thyroxine first thing in the morning, allowing one hour before food.

I also decided to try and eat myself well.

After reading up I found there is a big link between thyroid probs and inflammation. So I searched for foods that promote inflammation and now try to avoid them. I also googled for foods that stop inflammation and now try to eat those.

Also started taking some vitamins such as D, B12 and Zinc. I should probably also take some others but am still researching. I did buy a combined Vit C and Iron I think but have since found they are better taken in two separate tabs at different times of the day!

Hair has improved - eyelashes eye back, so much so, have invested in a new curler! Am waiting for Endo appointment 30 June. Which I hope can help me with all the other stuff, like mood etc. Fingers crossed you find some of this huge post helpful. Good luck

Also have your ferritin and b12 tested. I lost a lot of hair but not in patches, and since having my b12 much higher, I never lose any of my hair which had regrown.

Also have your vitamin d and folate tested too.


I was over active (Graves) I was given Carbimazole but was allowed to become quite hypo before they added in thyroxine - my hair started falling out in handfuls every time I washed it but it was coming from all over and not in patches.

Once my bloods got back to a good level for me then my hair stopped falling out. My fingernails were a complete mess too and ended up so short and painful that I could hardly use my hands - it was just horrible, eventually it sorted itself out. Probably took three months or so to get myself to that level. Don't suppose that's all that much help help for you.

Have you asked for a copy of your test results along with the lab ranges? That way you can see what is happening and if you keep a diary you can relate your symptoms to your blood levels.

Same happened to me. I have Graves and when I was on a large dose of Carbimazole and went hypo was when I started losing hair, again all over not patchy. It grew back as I became less hypo.

Sorry about your hairloss, I have experienced this and know how distressing it is. I found that even heavy supplementation with ferrous fumerate for 5 years did nothing for me. The only thing that finally helped somewhat was an iron infusion. About 10 months after the infusion (after everything had gone through my system as it were), I have found that my hairloss is less severe.

I lost hair on carbimazole, but the hairloss reduced once I switched to PTU. (Because I had a reaction to carbimazole) Endo insisted hairloss was due to hyper, but I think it was carbimazole. I used frizz ease cream which seemed to make it look thicker and reduced the frequency of washing. Hope that helps a bit. Sandra

My endo said the hair loss was because I had gone from being so high to being so low in a very short space of time and I got the impression it was being under rather than being hyper that was more of the problem. I am back to normal now though.

Hi. I had Graves and experienced hair loss like you describe. It started with general thinning all over and gradually got so thin that my scalp was visible as bald patches. Strangely the right hand side was worse than the left so I looked like I had a lop sided hair cut. Eventually after treatment with RAI I became under active but when the levels were right my hair started to re grow. One day I just noticed I had about a centimetre of new growth all over my head - it continued to grow until it reached normal length.

There are some products that add fibres which may help to disguise the patches until your levels normalise and your hair grows again:

I tried many of the high end shampoos that are meant to stop hair loss (Aveda Invati, Phyto, Kerastase etc) and none of them did a thing, however I find that L'oreal Fibrology is quite good. It doesn't promise to stop hair loss, just thicken it and I think it does a good job. I also found Biotin effective but it brought me out in dreadful acne. Hope you find something that works x

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