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My hairs falling out and I've got bald patches help!!!!

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone else with an over active thyroid with graves decease has had loss of hair and dose it ever stop. At first I wasn't to bothered by it as I gathered it will stop.......it hasn't and I'm now getting bald patches it's ever since my doctor put me on a hormone replacement has this happened to anyone befor and dose it stop falling out? Thanku xxxxxx

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Hi Jemma, I have hyperthyroidism due to graves and also hair loss. Luckily I haven't ever had any bald patches but my hair still continues to fall out even when my thyroid is under control, I've tried everything to stop it but unfortunately nothing seems to work for me. Have you had your iron and B12 levels tested? If not I would ask your doctor to do tests as low levels of those can also cause hair loss and people with thyroid issues tend to be more susceptible to low levels of both.


I agree, only make sure you get print outs of the results inc ranges. Do not let the nhs fob you off by telling you the results are normal. For optimal hair health you need ferritin of min 90. With b12 they will tell you it's normal when you may have pernicious anaemia; that's what happened to me because they ignore your symptoms and look only at the tests with the ridiculous nhs ref ranges.

I have hair hair coming out for many years and it's v distressing. Thank god no bald patches. I would start immediately with ferrous fumerate (buy online) min 200 mcg daily. Also vit d3 and b12. Don't wait for test results before you start.

I had an iron infusion and even that hasn't stopped my hair falling out. Your nhs gp is likely to tell you it is from anxiety and try and shove anti depressants down your throat - that's because they get extra funding points of they can get you onto anti deps and then claim you have mental health issues

If your thyroid is not being managed optimally, you will have hair loss. Your thyroid needs iron, etc to function normally


I have Graves too and at the beginning of my block and replace treatment, before I started on the thyroxine, I was allowed to get under active and my hair fell out in handfuls. It was coming out all over though, I didn't have any bald spots.

It really upset me and no one ever took it seriously 'oh you've got really thick hair' was the normal response from the medical profession. I used to have to rinse and flick my hands to get all the loose hair off them when I washed my hair. I got so obsessed I used to photograph each little pile that lay in the bath after I washed it. My consultant said it was because I had become under active - I had lurched from being very hyper to being quite hypo - and that it should sort itself out once I got sorted out which it did.

I also took Jarrow's sublingual B12 because although I was 'in the range' I was very low and as my mother had pernicious anaemia, I wanted to be on the safe side.

As well as that I take CoQ10' an A-Z multivitamin, two slow release Vitamin C capsules and at the moment I am trying to remember to take probiotics but as they live in the fridge it is often a case of 'out if sight, out of mind' Also tried to eat well rather than take junk food.

I used Dolphin.co.uk meadowsweet shampoo for a while as recommended by another member (Moggie, I think) and found that helpful, also found their lotion very good for muscle / joint pains. You get a discount which pretty much covers the postage if you put in a code from TUK

My hair was falling out good time and I felt very rough even when my TSH was 1.4 (0.35 - 5.5) and my FT4 - 15.4. (10 - 19.8) yet it stopped falling out and I felt good when my TSH was 0.68 (0.35 - 5.5) and Free T4 16.90 (10 - 19.8) so it didn't take much difference in numbers for a big result.

I know one day I just realised I was no longer having to shake the hair from my hands after washing it and I started to find odd little shorter hairs in among my longer hair so I figured it was growing back so good luck with it, must admit I found losing my hair very upsetting.


Hi Jemma

I have hypo levels after a TT & my hair has become course & is falling out

Every time I wash or brush my hair there is hair in the drain or brush that needs cleaning out

I find it very distressing as it receding back like a males giving me two chanels on either side of my forehead

After reading the replies to you I can hardly wait for the holidays to be over so I can get my B12 & iron levels checked

My granddaughter said to me that if it keeps up I will need a wig! Oh well I just hope it doesn't get to that


Thanku so much for ur reply. Although it is horrible to read what people go threw with the thyroid it's a little relief that it's quite normal, I just really hope my hair stops falling out soon as I to have receding parts either side, I think losing your hair is a lot worst if u are a female. I've rung the doctor up today but he's not back in the practice till Thursday so I have to try again then.. Thanku again so much for taking the time to reply I will keep you posted xxx


Thanku so much for all your replys.although it is horrible to read what people have to go threw because of the thyroid it is a slight relieve that it is normal. I think loosing your hair is a lot worst when you are female. I've rung the doctor up today and he's away till Thursday so will try an gain then, he dose know about my hair falling out as I told him about a month ago he tested my iron levels and he said all was normal (although I haven't seen it for myself) he adjusted my dose as my menstral cycle was all over the place to but still has not made any difference. Thanku again for all your time in reply to my post I will keep you all posted xxxx


Hi Jemmafo5ter. It is scary when your hair falls out and I really feel for you. My family took the Micky out of me. But it has slowed right down and slightly thickened up again and my eye brows are also growing back although only a little at the moment also. I still feel unwell with lots of problems but happy my hair is getting ok. I hope your hair does grow back, and wish you a happy new year.


Thanku so much for your reply. I hope you also start to feel better soon so pleased I found this forum because I think a lot of people don't take a thyroid problem seriously. Thanku again very much and have a fantastic new year xx


Hold off supplementing until your doctor has a chance to run the tests. B12 for example, you need to have stopped 4-8weeks prior to testing & its not good to have too much iron.

My sister had Graves and had to stop bleaching her hair because it became brittle and shed. When she was in remission it grew back.

She's hypothyroid after RAI and I'm sure she's undermedicated and her hair is thinning again.


Thanku so much for ur advice I have decided to wait to hear from my doctor and see what he thinks. I'm very grateful I've had lots of advice and reassurance from the forum xx


I have graves and was diagnoised 10 months ago. It was very rough first . Couldn't tolerate heat, itchy due to meds to block the hormornes, and mood swings happened a lot. Until I realized it was from graves. Then I tried to control this part of disease. I have a great doctor . Had radioactive iodine treatment 7 weeks ago . Doing much better, and expected to do even better as time goes on. May become hypo but he will treat me to bring up my levels. Also had very dry skin hands and feet. Just wanted to mention that i am from Canada. Reading all these articles and what so many of you have to go through , just to get the right treatment is just horrible. I don't find the doctors here so bad. They treat thyroid all the time. Just what you guys have to do in getting help is terrible. I found this site when I was first diagnoised . It helped me understand a lot. Not quite up to par yet but getting there. I hope you all suffering with this will hopefully come to an end soon. It sure can turn your world upside down. Time and a good doctor is the key to getting better. God Bless and hoping all you find comfort you so much deserve. It is not an easy disease but with good help , I know you will come to the point of wellness again. Xo


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