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Do these results warrant T4 supplementation?


Hi ..I have been diagnosed with Hashi's (TPO >600 range 0-35) and all my bloods have come back 'normal' but low range. Symptoms are very tired, ACHE AND HURT particularly hands, hips and feet and feel cold or, surprisingly, very hot!

Results today:

TSH 2.74 (0.3 - 3.94)

FT4 10.1 (12.3-20.2)

FT3 3.8 (3.7-6.7)

Ferritin 20 (13-150)

Vit D 47 (30-250)

Thank you for any comments/thoughts

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Yes they do.

Your antibody result on its own warrants treatment, but setting that aside, your FT4 is below range and your FT3 only just inside. Both these figures should be in the top 25 or 30% of the range. Your ferritin should be at least 70 and preferably 100 and your vitamin D above 100.

Other than that, you're fine!

In this game there is no such thing as 'normal'- what we're looking for is optimal.

Are you being treated? I can't tell from your post.

Susie65 in reply to Ansteynomad

Hi Ansteynomad thanks for your reply. No, l am not on medication, my previous results have all been low normal range FT4 and FT3 except antibodies ..


I'll second what Ansteynomad has said. It's not clear if some time has past since your Hashimotos diagnosis and if you have been without treatment since then but I think those results need a proactive response from your GP

Time for treatment....there is a school of thought I have heard of that says not to worry about anti-bodies - your results are in range. WRONG. Also have other important things tested - Iron - Folate - B12 ..... Ferrtin and D low.

Good levels of VitD will help the aches and pains....

Only found I had Hashi's after I was diagnosed with iron def anaemia in Jan this year. GP then ordered TFT's and antibody check as found nodules on thyroid and I was still exhausted after iron therapy.

My FT4 + FT3 have all been in low normal range and TSH has been rising (Feb 0.01 March 0.14 April 0.68 and May 2.74). Today results FT4 dropped below range and FT3 only just in range. GP has brushed off previous results as have been in range, despite me feeling awful. I'm hoping these latest ones point to medication. Seeing GP next week.

Feeling like a time waster although I know how bad I feel physically.

You need treatment! Doctors though rely on the useless TSH reading above anything else. So if he still digs his heels in I would ask how you can raise your levels. If he tries to tell you he can't or they are fine then say that surely a range is to give what could be considered normal and you are barely with in that and your symptoms are also screaming that all isn't well. If he comes back saying TSH is fine query whether there could be a problem there as if one is ok shouldn't the others be as well. When you have finally tied him in knots he may well be more responsive to a 3 month trial starting at 50 mcg, retested at 6 weeks-takes that long to get in the system properly-and a probable increase then to 75. and take it from there

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