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just had a call from my endo to say since my thyroxine doesnt agree with me I have to stop taking it for 8 weeks and see how my bloods are then. I am currently taking cytomel but was taking nature throid before my visit.I am self medicating but didnt tell them that and just said I was taking 50 levo. do I trust them as they were talking of maybe trying t3 and suffer for the next 8 weeks not being able to function and still be let down or do I continue to do what I am doing so I can function to some degree. I really cant take much more of this

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Be very careful how you handle this. Two years ago I was told to come off T3 because of 'pressure on my liver'. (I have since discovered that I was not taking nearly enough T3 and was actually very, very hypo). Anyway, I stopped the T3 and went back thinking I would have a baseline and they would treat me properly. Instead I was told that I was not hypo, I had never been hypo and they had been treating me in error for the previous two years! I was then discharged with a letter saying there was no endocrine reason for my symptoms and I had to start all over again.

Do you think you can trust them?


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