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Dull aching pains in legs and arms any advice please ty

Hi, over the last few weeks I have developed dull aching pains in my legs and arms and yesterday could feel it in my wrists and fingers. Has anyone had similar symptons? I take Vitamin D (Adcal-D3) twice daily prescribed by gastro consultant 3 weeks ago and am on 100mcg of thyroxine daily, B12 3 monthly and folic acid daily along with pentasa for crohns. Many thanks for any advice/input please as these pains are making me feel miserable.

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How much vitD are you taking? Your symptoms could be deficient vitD and B12. Do you flag when your B12 is due? You may need more frequent injections or sublingual lozenges may help. How is your ferritin? Low iron can also cause pain.

If you have recent blood results with lab ref ranges for the above it would be helpful to see them.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes i do flag when B12 is due and its overdue, completely forgot as been feeling really unwell recently. I am on 800 iu of D3 and 1200mg of calcium. My GP said my iron was low and gave me iron tablets combined with folic acid but they made me feel ill. Think its time for another trip to GP as these pains are making me feel awful at the moment and working full time is tiring. I will ask for copy of last blood results and post on here for advice. Thank you again and hope you are well. Best wishes Ann


Ann, it can take a few weeks for supplements to work and you do need to take them. Ask your GP if there is alternative iron you can take and whether a higher dose of vitD might be warranted. 800iu is a very low dose especially if you are deficient or very low in range.


I was started on D3 by an Endo. I had to take a loading dose for 12 weeks, 20,000 IU of D3 one day a week and then went over to a maintenance dose of AdCal twice daily so my D3 got me up to a good level and maintenance dose has increased this slightly. If you are low then starting on AdCal does very little.


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