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Aching and pain in legs

Hi all

I'm new to the forum and I'm finding all the info confusing. I've had hypothyroidism since having my youngest son in 2011. I was wondering if my symptoms may be part of the disease and if anyone else is experiencing exhaustion by early evening and leg muscle aches and leg and feet pain? My leg muscles ache constantly and start to hurt and feel really heavy when I start walking. This is what was happening when I was first diagnosed but then my muscles would sort of seize up and I had to sit down for 10 mins. Any advice please?

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Hello and welcome.

First thing to do is get a copy of your latest blood test results with the ranges. If you have them edit your post and put them in your first post. Put both your thyroid and non-thyroid blood test results down if you have them.

test name result (range) e.g.

TSH 4.50 (0.27-4.50)

Then state the generic name of the thyroid medication you are on plus the quality.

After that members can advise you on what to do next as it is very likely you are under medicated but you could have common vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well.


Thanks I will find out


I forgot to add if you don't have your test results and you are in UK (and even Europe) it is your legal right to have a copy if you request it from your doctor. More information is here - if you are in England and Wales. Scotland and NI have similar laws.


Oh thanks, I'll investigate that!


Very common to have low vitamins, especially vitamin D, folate, B12 or ferritin. Ask GP to test these. Always make sure you get the full results including ranges (in brackets)

Low vitamin D is often cause of painful legs. Gets worse in winters, due to less sunlight.


It is symptoms of hypothyroidism. When I quit levothyroxine for side effects I got hypothyroid and had the same symptoms as well. When you are hypothyroid, your body gets cold and blood constricted so bad blood circulation especially to legs.

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I have horribly aching legs and sore feet when I am not feeling well. So it might last for a month...and then they'll feel ok again. I do have other autoimmune diseases, so it's always quite difficult to work out what's causing what symptom!!!

What I do find is that when my adrenals aren't working very well, or when my vitamin D3 or iron is low, I am exhausted and my legs are particularly sore. So, I just make sure that I supplement all of the time.

One thing that really helps me is having a long soak in a magnesium salt bath. Somebody told me that magnesium is good for muscle aches, and it seems to help.

I think you should ask to have some blood tests to check some of your vitamin and mineral levels.

Good luck. It's horrid.

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