Is anyone else suffering from aches and pains in their legs, feet and shoulders?

For about 9 months now I have been suffering from pains in my feet, knees and shoulders. Some days I barely feel a thing; others I have to take painkillers just to walk around but the pains usually disappear by mid-afternoon. Mornings are the worse time - getting downstairs can be problematical! I have had tests for various things all of which have come back negative - anyone got any thoughts?

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  • You're hypo? Sounds like hypo to me. Are you on any medication?

  • Yes, 75mg of Thyroxin.

  • Two things come to mind here. Firstly, you may not be on a dose of thyroxine that's appropriate for you. If you have the details of your last thyroid test, please post them so that people can get some idea of the situation.

    Secondly, lots of people have found relief from aches and pains through vitamin D supplements, after testing indicated that their vitamin D level was too low. So if your GP hasn't checked vit D, that would be a good idea.

  • yes I have been suffering aches and pains since my dose of levothyroxine was more than doubled about 7 months ago, from 50mcg, to 125mcg, all blood tests have come back normal and thyroid levels are apparently stable on this dose, I have pains in my ankles, shins, forearms and either my back or chest, I cant tell which. I dont know what to do about it , I certainly dont want to be popping painkillers every few hours.

  • Could also be adtenal related .

  • If the pains have got worse since you upped the T4, maybe you are not converting into T3, but are instead making too much reverse T3....... private testing will show this along with the free t3 ..... have a look under testing on the main website..... price is probably going to be under a hundred pounds?

    The other thing to consider is whether you are taking statins? they are contra indicated for people with thyroid meds because of the increased risk of damamge resulting in this type of muscle and joint pain.....


  • Even tho' doctors say we are in the 'normal' range, it is too high for many of us and we feel better with a TSH under 1. As well as Vit D ask your GP to do a B12 as well, as many are deficient in both these vitamins which can cause us problems.

    If you get a copy of your blood test from the surgery, post results here complete with the ranges so someone can comment.

  • Hello, Before we knew that my daughter had hypothyroidism she used to have excruciating shin pain which was diagnosed as shin splints. She eventually had operations on both legs to release the affected areas. We now know that the pain was almost definitely caused by her hypothyroidism, but it took us 6 years to discover that and we had to go private.

    Every cell in the body needs to have T3 in order for it to work properly, whether it be leg muscles, heart muscles etc., etc. Has your T3 level been tested? Try to get your doctor to test you for T3, and failing that you may have to obtain private tests

    Jane x

  • I am not on any meds yet as my gp says I am normal. But over last 6 months have hip pain, and also excrutiating heel pain. Snice Christmas have terrible pain in my shoulder and get a 'dead' sometimes. I do have a dysplasia in my hip so gp thinks pain is from that and has referred me to physio! Another thing to find energy for. My last tsh in march 2011 was 3.8 (range 0.35 - 5.5) and free T3 was 4.5 (range 3.5 - 6.5) I can see why ssaying all is normal butwhat about symptoms. I didn't think my aches and pains could be related to thyroid misread thispost. Any advice how I should approache my gp?

  • Sorry spelling in above post awful. One of those touch screen computers and I am rubbish on them. I meant to say get a dead arm. I only knew aches and pains related thyroid when I rest this.

  • Hello Doodlemum. I blogged the same sort of thing as you about five weeks ago. The pains in my hips and legs were so bad that I just didnt know what to do. I would rock my body constantly just to ease the pain. After taking advice from so many kind people on this site I had my bloods tested and posted results on here. Since then I have been taking B12 supplement (Jarrow Formula 5000mcg bought on amazon). Vit D supplement and also added Amour tablets into the cocktail. It was only when I read your post that I realised that although my aches and pains are still with me they are significantly easier since taking the extra medications and thats only in a few weeks. Also I have managed to get my average temperature up from 34.75 and this morning it was 36.8. How good is that !

    You will get some fabulous advice on this site and I hope that the suggestions you recieve will help you see a bit more sunshine in your life. Annie xxx

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