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GPs testing vitamins and minerals, and why has my Vit D gone down?

Recently been to the GP to get some vitamin and minerals tested.

Mentioned that about a year ago I had my Vit D tested through the Birmingham home test (as the doctor wouldn’t do this), and then again a year later. I should have done it sooner, but didn’t get round to it. The first test came in at 50 nmol, but a year later after taking 2,000iu D3 every day, the test is down to 34 noml. I was surprised as I was expecting it to be higher? Gave the results to the doctor, who took a look at it, but made no comment.

In the end he put me down for B12 and folate, Ferritin, FBC, liver function(?), TSH and some electrolyte tests. Mentioned about getting tests for minerals, but he said that this was “something for alternative medicine”. At that point thought it best not to discuss my research into my mercury fillings...

Will have to have see what the tests come back with. Although I can see getting the actual ranges and some discussion is going to be difficult. Why are doctors difficult to talk to, miserable, dismissive and generally disinterested?

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Data Protection Act gives patients the right to view their results. Ask for a printout with the lab ref ranges and contact the practice manger for enforcement if the receptionist won't give them to you. Gp's seem happy to say results are normal when they're scraping the bottom and hypoT patients need them very high in range to feel well and aid thyroxine absorption.

Your original vitD was bordeline insufficient and 2,000iu isn't maintaining it so you may have a problem holding on to vitD. I was <10 and was prescribed a loading dose of 40,000iu x 7 days and maintenance dose of 2,000iu for 8 weeks and then tested replete >75. I had bone and joint pain having stopped supplementing after 6 weeks and resumed supplementing 5,000iu daily which fixed the joint pains although I haven't retested to check levels since Jan.

Gut issues and low stomach acid can make breaking down nutrients and absorption difficult and seems quite common in hypoT patients. VitD needs fat to break down which is why vitD in oil capsules is good.

When you have your results post them with ref ranges and we'll all chip in our two pennyworth. Weather's warming up through the week so you could try to pink up and get some natural production going :)

Most of the UK is likely to be magnesum deficient so it might be beneficial to supplement magnesium citrate. Excess is excreted and diarrhoea is a hint that you're taking too much. it's essential to take a side order of zinc with magnesium as they're co-dependant and need to be kept balanced. Have a look at the pinned threads Vitamins & Minerals and Building Blocks.


Thanks Clutter for the very informative reply. I shall take a look at what you mentioned and will post my results on here once I get them. The doctor looked at my Vit D tests, but he didn't say nothing, very helpful. I've been out for quite a while in the sunshine today on a walk, and might take two or three tablets a day (4,000-6,000 iu) a day to see if things improve. Will this impact on my B12?


For low stomach acid, I recommend Betaine Hydrochloride & Pepsin Capsules, Betaine Hydrochloride- 648 mg- ** Pepsin- 130mg, I bought mine from which is very reasonabley priced, no p&p. I take 1 with each meal and snack.


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