Does anyone know of an alternative therapist eg naturopathy/homeopathy/nutritionist/herbalist specialising in thyroid in Somerset (Wells)?

I was diagnosed with thyroid/adrenal condition over 2 years ago & was being treated successfully by a practitioner with diet & Nutri supplements. She has now left the country leaving me high & dry. My condition has worsened again recently but I have no faith in GPs or endocrinologists as they failed to help me the first time. Help!

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  • Sorry, there is no one on our list in that area.

    Hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from latest activity...



  • I've seen an alternative physician in Clifton, Bristol. PM me for her details if that's a help?

  • Thank you Lynnimp. I may do that . Im just waiting to hear back from someone in Yeovil. Fingers crossed.

  • I don't know if I can mention names here or not, but there is a private doctor in Bristol and a herbalist near Wells that I would recommend. Neither of them are endocrine specialists as such, but might be able to offer some help and advice. Do let me know if you would like further details.

  • Thank you Eagles. I now have an appointment with a naturopathic practitioner & medical herbalist in Yeovil this week. I'll see how I get on but may get back to you.

  • I'm glad you've found someone and hope that you will get on well.

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