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Thyroid function test results

Please can anyone help. I was diagnoses with an underactive thyroid about 2 and a half years ago, and now take 200mg thyroxine daily. I feel that since last August a lot of my symptoms have come back including weight gain and coldness lack of energy.

Last Friday I had a Thyroid Function test, today I called up and was told everything was normal... I asked for my levels. They told me T4 19.6-21 (I know this is a good level) my T3 1.7 and TSH is 0.04, from what I have found online both my T3 and TSH are very low compared to what we are told is normal ? Any information would be greatly appreciated

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Maybe your GP would consider the addition of some T3 to your meds. Although, as you say, your blood tests show as normal except T3.

Some people, I am one, never feel well on levo and it is difficult to get any alternatives from the NHS. These are a couple of links which may be helpful:-

Ideally, this would be a better way of treating us:-

There are other topics at the top of the page which may interest you. Some links within these may not work.

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If your T3 and TSH levels are both low but your T4 is good doesn't that mean that (a) you are not converting T4 to T3 properly (so are your Vitamin D, B12 and iron/ferritin levels healthy?) but also (b) that there is some kind of issue in your body's feedback loop -pituitary problems possibly? If your T3 is low Your body should increase your TSH to demand more T4 from your Thyroid.Can anyone else comment? On the other hand there are no ranges with these results and I have seen ranges for T3 that are down at this level from some labs.


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