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Thyroid Function Levels

Please can anyone help. I was diagnoses with an underactive thyroid about 2 and a half years ago, and now take 200mg thyroxine daily. I feel that since last August a lot of my symptoms have come back including weight gain and coldness lack of energy.

Last Friday I had a Thyroid Function test, today I called up and was told everything was normal... I asked for my levels. They told me T4 19.6-21 (I know this is a good level) my T3 1.7 and TSH is 0.04, from what I have found online both my T3 and TSH are very low compared to what we are told is normal ? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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hi there, i have just joined and find that you are the only person on the same high level mg as i am... how old are you and how long have you been on this dosage please.....what is your memory like??? mine is absolutely terrible, forgetting even from one hour to the next


Hi, I am 25 and I've been on this dose for about 9 months. My short term memory is quite poor at times but no effect om long term. I have 2 small children so not sure how much of that is from being run ragged haha.


The usual reference range for T3 (assuming this is free T3) is something like 3 to 6.8, so if yours is a free T3 reading, then it is very low and might indicate that you are not converting T4 to T3. If so, it might be an idea yo ask your doctor for a trial of T3 as well as T4 (thyroxine). I was getting symptoms again in spite of being on 200 of levo as few years ago. I did lots of reading, then asked my GP for a referral to an endo who has prescribed me T3 which has helped.


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