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I have just sent a question regarding Iron, Ferritn and Folate acid in relation to NDT tablets. *I forgot to explain that at the moment

I am prescribed Levothyroxine 50 MG * I know it is a low dose.......I am waiting to see an Endocologist (I did have an app last wk but got the days mixed up....I have never done this before but I am sure it is due to 'symtons' of underactive thyroid *It was my TSH level was 3.12 - which, I know is too high.....

* I have been looking through similar questions and concerns re: minerals/vitimins... on this web site ..... .*I have noticed that if you have a 'thyroid problem/disease' then 'Iron' does not get processed properly in the body.

* Now I am at a quandry!!! Do I get my thyroid level sorted first? Or, do I get my Iron, ferritn, and folate acid sorted BEFORE I start taking NDT?

Please help?

Regards Ollybear

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Have to answer: Love and Marriage, Horse and Carriage... :-)

Was recently reading a paper containing results from hypothyroid people with low iron. Everyone saw iron levels increasing as thyroid improved.

At the same time, inadequate iron does seem to be related to excessive production of reverse T3 and inadequate conversion to T3.

I don't think that you can reasonably expect your iron levels to increase sufficiently by taking only thyroid hormones - a bit, yes, probably due to better absorption.

I don't think you can expect your thyroid hormone levels to increase sufficiently by taking only iron (of whatever source).

I think you need both and should, probably, try to achieve improvements in both at the same time. Of course, take thyroid hormone and iron separated by at least four hours from each other!

If you are comfortable doing so, then heme iron can be a good idea.



Thank-you so much Rod. Your reply was really helpful - understand a bit more now!!! It is interesting that conversion of T3 is a very common problem with people who are low in Iron......I have always had this 'gut feeling' (not literally!!) that I do no convert any T3 from T4. So perhaps seeing the Endocologist (next mth), and, trying NDT will do the trick??? along with higher levels of Iron.....

Thank-you again, Hope your health is OK?


Very interesting web-site - re; Iron...thanks


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