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B12 levels advice on results please

Hi. Further to my question yesterday, re private blood tests, I have taken some of the advice received on here (thank you all) and been to GP and got print out of the last 'big' blood test I had in Dec 2012. Sadly no T3 or T4 tested but they did do my B12. The results were 386pg/ml in a range of 190-660 pg/ml. It states a normal result with no further action. Can anyone confirm if this is normal please. I had a AT&T 12 years ago and taking thyroxine 125/150mcg alternate days.

Thanks in advance


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No that is NOT normal - in range maybe but that is all. Neurological symptoms can take place at anything below 500..

Please read this link thoroughly and look at the video. You will also read on the website that only about 20% of B12 in the serum test is available to be used at a cellular level where it is needed. Hence you need a result near the TOP of the range. Just this afternoon I have read that in the elderly B12 needs to be around 1000 to prevent age-related and cognitive disorders like dementia etc. In Japan the range is 500-1300 which makes far more sense.

There are websites for PA/B12 - and you can join one on here on HU and they will soon tell you about the flawed B12 testing. Type B12 into the Search Box on the Green Line at the top of the page and have a read - am sure you will find lots of good information. Look out for posts by hampster1 - she knows her stuff....


Thank you very much for your reply and the link.


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