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At last i have been diagnoised as having Graves .. I no little or nothing about Graves i was wonder what to expect ..I am taking 20 mg of carb for 4 weeks then blood test

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This explanation may help but someone who has Graves will most probably reply:-


Don't have Graves but I do have an overactive thyroid diagnosed in 2011 and treated with carbimazole with litte side effects. As my blood results became acceptable I was taken off the carbimazole after 12 months and then became hyper after 6 months and so was put back on the medication again. I am taking 15mg carbimazole with regular blood tests and see the Consultant in November when he will again try to talk me into having RAI treatment or the surgery option. Neither of which I want.

I am one of the lucky ones who have very little side effects from the overactive medication and will be prepared to do battle once again in November. The doctors don't like you to question their decisions......they just say have the RAI/Surgery and "take a little tablet every day afterwards to feel OK"....... I don't think so!!

Good Luck Wendy, I feel sure that someone with Graves will come and support you and be much more knowledgeable than I am. Keep your chin up,I'm sending hugs for today.


Hi there I have graves and I must tell you for me the first 7 months were the worst. It's like a roller coaster ride of emotions. There a surviving Graves' disease site on Facebook which has really helped me along with this site. I suggest you join it and have a good read. Best advise I can give you is be kind to yourself don't push yourself to do to much and read as much as you can. It does get better!


I believe graves is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the antibodies. It can cause bulging eyes if it attacks tissue in the orbits. But I'm no expert ive been researching it due to my own painful bulging eyes. Hope you get better now you have a diagnosis.


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