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Blood test results

I requested a blood test to check my thyroid and had my blood taken last week. I just wondered how long it would take to come back and whether I could request the results. This is nine related really but when I went to see the doctor she said u had my tsh checked in early 2012 which was normal. I then realised at home that I'd never had a blood test until December 2012 so wonder whose blood they have tested!

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Your blood test results come back usually within a couple of days. I know I can get a copy about 3 days later. Just say you want a copy for your own records. Some receptionists are wary until the GP has commented on them but I have no problem.

I think you should query this 2012 test as you don't want someone else's blood test results.

If you did have a blood test in 2012 the doctor could have required a thyroid gland one amongst others without you knowing.


I'm sure she said it was early 2012 however I'd never had my blood taken before until I was pregnant. Yes definitely something I will be chasing up


TSH alone is totally inadequate because you might have Central/2ndary Hypothyroid

Its absolutely vital that

Thyroid Antibodies


Free T4

Free T3 are all done in order to assess whether your thyroid is at fault

You need to get a copy of the actual results and reference ranges ............"normal" is a load of nonsense


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