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Been off ERFA a week. FT4 AND FT3 below range. How quick to reintroduce armour?

Having felt dreadful on ERFA recently I spoke to my endo who said come off for a week and let my body calm down. I came off for a week and started to feel much better so a few days ago I had my bloods done again

TSH. 6.96. H ( 0.27-4.2)

FT4. 7.6. L (12-22)

FT3. 2.6. L (3.1- 6.8)

I thought my TSH would be a lot higher given how low my FT's are. But interestingly I have felt alot better with these numbers than I was feeling on ERFA!

I was wondering how quickly I could build up my dosage of ARMOUR? I don't want to drag it out too much. I have a constant headache and am very achy but am feeling much better than you would imagine given these blood results!! I went straight back in at 1/2 grain. Could I do it a bit quicker?


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You haven't stated what dose you were taking of Erfa and whether you wanted to change your dose for some reason.


Oh sorry. Yes I was taking 2 grains of ERFA . So I was going to try the same amount of ARMOUR. I just don't know how quickly I can build up again?


I don't see any reason not to go straight to your 2 grains since essentially all you are doing is changing brands of NDT. I hope Armour works for you. I don't understand what happened to Erfa which I used to take before I went to T3 only.


Thank you Heloise. No I don't understand what happened to ERFA either. But all I do know is that in the last 6 months I have become quite ill again. I shall start my 2 grains in that case as my hypo symptoms are getting much worse. Many thanks.


When I went from T.4/T.3 onto armour I was put straight onto 2 grains as that was equivalent to the Thyroixine/Liothyroinne that I had been on.


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