WP Thyroid- how best to take it ? Sublingually ( a bit hard consistency) to swallow whole / or crushed with water ( as usual )?

Hello everyone.

I switched from Erfa to WP thyroid two weeks ago and after this two weeks I have realised that my body temperature is much lower than it used to be on Erfa. It is 35.5-36c, previously ( on Erfa) it used to be 36c- 36.3/5c. I took 1.5 grain of erfa and now taking 1.5 of WP thyroid. I crush tablets as I used to do it with erfa but maybe it is better to swallow it whole? I don't know if by crushing( biting ) them I cause worse absorption. Just wondering what is your experience? Thank you. E x

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  • I think you should try just taking it with a glass of water. Thyroid meds are supposed to dissolve in stomach. That's why we take with a glass of water.

  • Thank you Shaws. I think I will just start swallowing them whole maybe it will absorb better, they are tiny and different / harder than erfa so biting them and crushing into pieces is probably not good.

  • Yes, I agree, and I do hope you get on with these tablets and that you'll soon feel so much better.

  • I would want that more than anything in the world, just to feel normal again. I am crying. I am just so unlucky with this all, and scared that nothing will work for me. It's hard to hold on to hope. I don't want to be trapped ill in my flat on my own, all the time...and that is what this horrible illness does to me.

  • Hello - Why did you switch from Erfa? X

  • Hi Sheenah

    Here is an explanation.


  • Thanks, Yes, I understand now. I am on a low dose of ERFA so I will watch this carefully. Thanks X

  • How much of Erfa do you take? Have you got last year or this year batch? E. x

  • 30mg per day at the moment - The private Doc put me on it in March, so about 6-7 weeks. It certainly helped initially - I could actually get out of bed, but now I feel that I have gone backwards somewhat and probably need to increase the dose. I don't see him again until May 12th. The Batch I have is LF03139B Expires 10/2016 XX

  • Its a very small dose and it initially makes you feel better, until your pituitary senses the drug and decrease production of TRH which results in lower TSH and decrease in thyroid output so your body asks for more. You can go up by 15 mg( 1/4 grain) if you are sensitive to increases.

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