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Please help folate level is high

I have received my blood results :

B12 430 pmol/L (156-672)

folate 46 nmol/L (5-30)

ferritin 40 mcg/L (10-291)

vitamin D 29.6 ng/ml

calcum 2.33 mmol/L ( 2.15-2.50)

I have run blood tests not fasted as my GP said it does not affect B12 results , and I have stopped taking my

multi vitamin nearly a month before blood test, any idea ? I will be thankful.

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Folate is high but ferritin is way way too low it needs to be over 145 in order for your body to utilise levothyroxine and convert it into t3 your cells are screaming for


Thank you really fedup123

And what about B12 is my ferritin low due to vit B12 deffiency as i have Hashimoto?


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