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So what further tests should I be asking my GP for?

I have appointment to see her on Thursday. My TSH is 0.74.

How do I get to check my pituitary is working or not working? Is it T3 AND T4? Do some people get them on the NHS?

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no to check for Central/2ndary Hypo needs a referral to an endo and then a special test where they inject you with ???? acth and see what the results are

have you got a load of results of blood tests anyway that you can post so we can see what we all think


Only the standard ones?

I've got Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (negative)

Low vit D (though moving in right direction on last two times)

I have an alert with low lymphocyte count but at the top it says no action needed on differential white cell count if that makes any sense.

No alerts under full blood count, bone profile, liver function, urea and electrolytes.

Hope that helps - I can give individual counts if needed but I don't know what I'm looking for.


Think off the top of my head that the range for White Cell count is 4-11. This count is made up of several different types if white cells which all have different jobs to do. If the WCC is raised then its usually a sign of infection as the body should produce extra of the white cells which deal with this so the overall count rises. I am presuming that if the differential count is ok then it means you were, on the day of testing, a little on the low side but the individual types of white cells are in the right proportion as normal. If it was low because one type was much lower then that could be a problem.


Thanks - It was just the Lymphocyte count that was low but the differential WCC above says it is normal if that makes any sense


Yes I think the WCC has about 8 different types of white cells in it and I can't remember now what their individual rolls are but the type we mostly hear about is the one that helps us to deal with a infection and often that happens before the sore throat or whatever becomes apparent. The is the most common reason why the count increases. So its good news that the cells making up the count are the correct percentages. Why it overall should be a little low I've no idea but if it had been consistently low I think they would have talked to you about it.


Thanks - it's all very complicated, isn't it?


do you not have

free t4


liver function test




liver function test is normal

But none of the others you mentioned were taken


If you have measurable TSH in your system, then surely your pituitary must be working


I only got such information from this board because someone suggested I might have secondary hypothyroidism because my TSH is very low, Aurealis.


not if pituarity is damaged /failing ...............thats why free t4 and t3 test is needed

cholesterol will be high in hypothyroid

often Liver Function tests are raised but still in normal limits

glocose can be raised but a full glucose tolerance test will be fine

i asume your not using aluminium or non stick cookware because they are deadly


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