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Should I be asking for further tests?

Bloods within range but totally fed up of feeling totally exhausted and putting on weight, don't know if it is nothing to do with thyroid at all or I should ask for more specific tests as I have felt like this for years but at times (for months on end) is worse than other times.

TSH 1.559 (range 0.270 - 4.700 mUI/L

FT3 4.0 (range 3.5 - 6.5 pmol/L

FT4 15.6 (range 10.3 - 24.5 pmol/L)

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There'e certainly room in your results for a dose increase. Most people feel better with tsh of 1 or just under and your T4 and T3 levels could do with being higher in the top third of range.

Many of us are deficient in B12, folate, Iron (ferritin) and Vit D so get these tested or post results if you have them as many docs a bit pants with these things.

If you have thyroid antibodies or any stomach issues, many of us find a gluten free diet helps hugely.

Hope you feel better soon :-)


Thanks for your response.

B12 was 188 (range 138 - 652 pmol/L) so have been having B12 vials and bloods to be retested in two weeks.

Folic Acid was higher than range 48.25 (range 7.00 - 46.4 nmol/L)

Ferritin was 329 (range 20-110 mcg/L)


Any idea why your folic was so high? I know it affects B12 blood tests somehow and I think can cause a reading of higher B12 in blood than available so your B12 might well be even lower than your think.

Get better soon

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Oh I didn't know this, am going to get referred to an endocrinologist and push for more tests and info.


Ferritin way too high need testing for Heamachromatosis


I agree with reallyfedup123 -

You can find some information here:

Iron overload (however caused) can severely affect well-being.

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Issues with B12 are common in those with thyroid problems.

Posts about B12 are on-topic here in Thyroid UK and perfectly reasonable. However, the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum is where there is much experience and knowledge about B12. You can find the forum by following this link:

You are likely to find the Pinned Posts a good place to start.

(Pernicious Anaemia is a particular form of B12 caused by an autoimmune process. However, the lack of B12 is the critical issue and most of the problems are due to that.)

You will find that testing serum B12 after supplementing is not very helpful. It tends to reflect what supplements you have had (oral or injection) rather than anything sensible.

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Looks to me like your not converting levo T4 into the t3 every single body cell needs to function

This could be low




Vit d3

Do you take any other Meds

Do you use aluminium or non stick coated or foil cookware


I take contraceptive pill and an anti depressant (prescribed for mood swings due to tiredness rather than depression).

I use an non stick foil sheet when cooking chicken etc in the oven, also would put chicken in foil and bake in oven sometimes?


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