Hi, I'm sorry to ask again but can anyone answer my question about nodules and medication please?

All the reading I've done has been based on symptoms and medication, particularly following Dr BDP and Dr L on NDT. I'm just not sure what to do about this lump, I'd rather not have to see my GP but if these things can't improve through meds I may have to. What are people's thought? Thanks, and sorry again for asking twice, I just didn't get any replies.

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  • I am sorry if you asked this question and no-one answered. It may be they weren't knowledgeable about it.

    This is a link I've just read and hope it reassures you. If not, ask your GP to refer you to an Endocrinologist for your assurance.


  • Thanks Shaws, unfortunately my GP is not on board as TSH is just in range even though T4 and FT4 are under range and T3 low in range. Symptomatic for 3 years, with fairly rapid decline of late. As a result I'm self-medicating as he says he can't if TSH in range, even if other results abnormal. Because of multiple health problems, he sees me as a hypochondriac so won't refer me unless I pay privately, which I can't afford!

  • Thanks Shaws, that link was really helpful, made for an interesting read. I'm going to keep going with the NDT and leave it for now til I'm up to dose and stable for a while, then revisit.

  • In case you've not seen this before, you can also look at Getting a Diagnosis on the left-hand side column:-


  • Hi Sorry but if a nodule, vital to have an ultra sound and then if positive a fine needle biopsy.perfectly treatable if loked at earlier enough.


  • Jackie what do you mean if positive nodule. I have a multinodule goitre. I am meant to have another scan in 6 months to see if it is getting larger or whatever they do. Should I ask for fine needle?

  • Hi Sorry I was not very clear. Yes, with any nodule, you should have a fine needle biopsy under an ultrasound. This is the only way, however small, to tell if it is malignant or not.If it is surgery very successful and common. However, you do need to know,impossible to be sure without the biopsy.


  • Thank you hon. I will insist they dot then. NHS always trying to save money.

  • Definitely!I am going by what my Endo always says.


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