Crazy question about Levothyroxine and wine, I'm still going to ask though!

Before I was diagnosed with UAT I enjoyed drinking some wine, I admit to liking the feeling of being a bit typsy on a night out, now I have become the party pooper, after a few glasses I no longer want anymore and I'm as sober as a judge, I must stress I am not a plonky but did enjoy socialising with family and friends, Christmas is coming we have been invited to a few gatherings, I so don't want to be the tired boring one who wants to go home early, anybody found a drink that gives them a bit of a boost? Thanks in advance

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  • josepie I agree with Chinagirl2016 . Have one drink if you like drinking alcohol but accept what is. What's wrong with being sober? It doesn't make you a party pooper or boring. You can enjoy social occasions without being tipsy.

    If you drive you can be the nominated driver, everyone else will be so grateful :)

    And what's wrong with going home early if that's how being hypo affects you?

  • I also love wine and do enjoy the odd tipple at the weekend but i dont go overboard, i have found organic wines are very good and i stay clear of the cheap ones in the supermarkets, when in can afford it i buy my organic wine on line.


  • Thanks Dotti If at any point I do have a glass of wine at home, I will try and buy some organic wine, I'm not too hopeful of a pub selling it though, we are invited to a few xmas gatherings but they are all in pubs! Thanks for the advice anyway :)

  • I had to stop drinking because hangovers were lasting for days instead of hours!

  • I had to stop drinking wine as I too had dreadful hangovers and just a small amount seemed to make me feel very drunk very quickly. I'm lucky that I love beer, so am on the halves now. I rarely get a hangover and beer doesn't give me the awful sinusitis I got w white wine.

    Red wine seems less problematic, so I sometimes have a glass w a special dinner, though I must admit I am losing my taste for it entirely, which is a bit of a pain for my partner as he likes to buy me wine for Christmas/birthdays.

    I know this is a cliche but it's true, very good wine seems to have fewer consequences, so a glass or two of good champagne is ok. I'm not a snob, believe me, but cheap drink will do you no favours. I drank a half bottle of Waitrose champagne recently and had my hangover almost immediately.

    Some find that clear spirits are more tolerable and they're easy to mix into a tall, dilute drink. How about a vodka tonic or g&t in a tall glass? Just go for better quality (not the bargain brands) if you have the choice.

    Everyone else I go out w drinks pints, so I now have the profound joy of being the one who goes to bed feeling pleasantly fuzzy and wakes up feeling fine while everyone else is more impaired and, later, regretful. This is a total reversal of the way things were for a while!

  • Thankyou for replying, I think maybe I will have to try a new tipple, the wine is just not cutting it for me anymore! :)

  • Yup it happens. Even when I was gf, I couldn't be persuaded back to wine (and I detest English cider and any iced drinks so going to the pub was a bit of a disaster).

  • I used to enjoy the odd bottle of strong spirits at Christmas/Birthday but after my TT things just went weird. On levo I simply did not enjoy the stuff at all and could drink ¾ bottle with no effects. But took a couple of days for my stomach to recover.

    On NDT it is a bit better but the enjoyment of a few glasses has now gone for ever.

    If you want to open your tastebuds then get a bottle of Goslings Black Seal Rum 151°. Can't recommend any wines or beer 'cos never liked them.

  • Funny, I was just thinking about my lack of interest in wine over Thanksgiving. (I'm on NDT). For years I have loved wine and have never had to hold back, but for a year I have not had any urge or interest to drink (I don't like beer or the hard stuff). It used to be that I could hardly resist the wine aisle at the supermarket(SM), we have good wines in our SMs because this is the wine country in California but now I don't even go over there. I have been drinking grapefruit juice with my meals instead. I never thought that I would ever lose interest in wine, but who'da thunk it?

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