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Good article by Dr. Mercola

Morning All and Happy Easter!

Iv'e just come across a good little article by Good 'Ol Dr Mercola - "Optimum Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism with Free T3 and Free T4 levels" - - worth a read, also takes you to other thyroid links on his site. He certainly seems to think more like us. It has taken me weeks to get my head around the whole thyroid axis, and according to his article, it is indeed the T4 levels which are the most indicative of thyroid problems, because this is what the thyroid produces, the TSH levels being an indicator of what the pituatury is saying to the thyroid. So what he is saying is that even where the TSH is not especially elevated (or in the so-called dreaded "Normal" range) if the T4 is low then hypo is indicated. And he definetly seems to favour Armour!! I'm supposed to be sorting the recycling out but I got sidetracked - but not a difficult choice!! XX to All

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Thanks for the link Sheenah :-)

Hope the recycling gets done now ........


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