Please tell me to make of my levels. They seem fine and I feel fine but switched a few weeks back from desiccated thyroid to levothyroxine (felt horrible on the desiccated, chest pounding, dizzy, passing out feeling).

Free t3 - 3.74 pg/ml

Tsh - 3.08 uiu/ml

Free t4- 1.06 ng/dl

Total t3 - 106.31 ng/dl

Thyroid peroxidase - <. 3

So basically all of my levels are on the high end. Tsh included which doesn't make sense to me. But I suppose if I feel good and free t3 and free t4 are high normal I am good right.

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  • Sorry, we need the ranges, there. The results on their own mean nothing. Except that your TSH is way too high, and you are hypo. :)

  • I respectfully disagree.

    Free t3 - 2.5-3.9 - 3.74

    Free t4 - .61-1.13 - 1.06

    That is why, if I am so hypo why would my levels be very much on the high range. I also don't feel hypo (I know what feeling hypo feels like). I'm just confused with the contradicting tsh and free t3 and t4.

  • I feel like tsh is a very poor indicator of healthy thyroid horomone production.

  • Agree, it is a very poor indicator, but it's usually reliable when it's high. It's when it goes low that we have problems with interpretation.

    Did you take your levo before the test?

  • I did take it that morning at around 4 am,the test was at 11 am.

  • If your test was at 11, then your TSH is probably higher than that - or would be, if you did it at 8 am. And, I think the T4 would still be peaking in your blood. But, that doesn't entirely explain the FT3. I know T3 does fluctuate throughout the day, but I don't know the details.

  • So do you think I should not take medication the morning before my next test? Did it possibly make me have a false t4 reading or high/low tsh reading?

  • I don't think it will have affected your TSH, because that reacts slowly. But, it will have affected your FT4, I'm pretty sure. Never take your dose on the morning of the test, no matter what the timing. You should leave 24 hours between your last dose of T4 and the test.

  • Thank you for the info.

  • Well, if you'd put the ranges in the first place, I wouldn't have made that remark, and you wouldn't have had to disagree. :) Always, always put the ranges.

  • Will do!

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