GP Blunder

I was told to reduce my meds back in January which I did. Had blood test last week that came back as TSH of 25 and both Free T3 and Free T4 under range. I was told by a GP today that they should have increased my meds in January and was very apologetic. She said lets get your thyroid scanned and is sending me back to the Endocronologist.!!

Anyone else have blunders like this??

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  • That's just appalling! I hope you get sorted out soon xx

  • Thanks Harry xx

  • Yes! How long do you have? :-)

  • Why are they all so clueless. In future I'm gonna scrutinize my results before I take advice from a GP regarding my thyroid!! They are actually compromising our health.

  • Good to hear you're taking control. I always check my results for myself, and take my symptoms and how I feel into consideration too. I will never again allow a GP to take control and make decisions about my well-being and what is best for me.

  • That is really shocking - luckily I have not had anything awful like that happen to me. But it nearly doctor tried to reduce my Levo from 125mg/day right down to 75mg (TSH was c 48 on this dose when under Endo and being taken up to optimised dose) even on 100mg my TSH was over 6 and I felt absolutely dreadful. I was so concerned about the all I got suggesting this course of action that I called my Endo's secretary who told me not to put up with it and demand to be referred back to them.

    At the consultation I told the GP I wanted a referral and there was no way I was agreeing to a drop in dosage on which I had been barely able to function quoting my TSH numbers - it did the trick she backed right off and kept me above 100mg but just below 125mg. She said they did not have the results in my records (I had moved). I switched to a different GP after a couple of other things bugged me. I am so glad I did, I am feeling a lot better now thanks to the new doctor. It pays to educate yourself about this illness to preempt inappropriate dosing from GPs that should know better. Just numbers to them but it can have very serious consequences for us.

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