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GP update

An update after return of my symptoms after being diagnosed 18 years ago and currently on 150mcg Levothryroxine .

One of my friends offered to go to the doctor with me for support as she was so worried about my befuddled state! As most people have found, I was told my bloods were 'normal', although I did get told that I am not diabetic, my liver is good and my cholesterol is low so at least it backs up my story that my excess weight is not from being a couch potato gorging in cream cakes all day!

I asked for actual figures and was told TSH is 1.43. I asked for other figures and was told that I wasn't tested for T3 and T4 so she is unsure whether my symptoms could have anything to do with my thyroid. I have, or at least have had, pneumonia so she thinks my symptoms are my body being in shock from that, but I think they were around long before I got pneumonia. I am still waiting for repeat chest x-ray to see if it's changed in the last 6 weeks.

She did at least agree my free T3 and T4 should be tested and I have been today but I won't get results until Monday.

I got some Thyroid Support tablets and have been taking them the past few days and a couple of people have commented that I look a bit brighter. I also ditched the calorie counting I have been doing for the past 4 years and pigged out on chicken and cheese bites and a couple of Baileys last night- yum!

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Pinebunny, I'd expect TSH to be suppressed on 150mcg but serious illness can cause low FT3 as a protective mechanism to slow down the body. Post your FT3 and FT4 results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) next week and members will advise.

There's no accounting for taste, chicken and cheese bites sound bleurgh! Baileys is lush though :-D


A little of what you fancy does you good! That is my motto and I'm sticking to it. Don't know what chicken and cheese bites are but they don't sound all that dangerous (unlike the Bailey's! lol) And good for you for stopping the calorie counting! If you get enough fat in your diet, which satisfies, you don't feel the need to snack and therefore calorie counting becomes superfluous. It has never worked, anyway, not for anyone long-term.

Besides, if your problem is thyroid, no amount of calorie counting is going to help. And a low-calorie diet will make you put on weight, not lose it, because the body needs the calories to convert.

It's sugar that makes you fat, not fat, sugar and artificial sweetners and all the other gunge they put in low-fat processed foods. Because fat is what gives food flavour - and that is for a very good reason! Don't mess with Mother Nature, folks.

Hugs, Grey


Ha ha, they are not chicken- and-cheese bites but chicken bites and cheese bites- as in bite sized pieces as a party snack :-)


Okkkk... Still not sure what you're referring to. Processed food? Bad!!! Made them yourself? Good!


I am not sure what is classed as 'processed'. I don't eat turkey twizzler stuff but I don't make my own cheese! Anyway, I have lost 3lb eating pieces of cheese and chicken and the mixed fruit and nut Christmas nibbles I usually avoid, so I am happy :-)


Oh dear, I've no idea what a turkey twizzler is, but the name would put me off!

Kraft cheese slices - processed (even says so on the packet); a nice piece of brie or stilton, or cheddar - not processed.

But, there you are then, it's as I said, eating fat doesn't make you fat, it helps you lose weight!

Merry Christmas! And enjoy!!!


Yum your making me hungry LOL......Merry Christmas to all xo Susita


Merry Christmas to you, too, Susita! Hope you have some yummy food! lol


All is good in the food to love it xo Have a good one. Susita


Never had one but what Jamie Oliver famously objected to on the menu of school meals. Probably defunct after all the bad publicity! My favourite is Wensleydale, especially with cranberries. I am going there (Wensleydale) for a few days to rest (and eat cheese) after my GP described my thyroid face as me being 'knackered' and signing me off sick for a month before I dropped dead! ( still awaiting test results Monday)


Oh and by the way, another 2lb lost!


OK, just googled them, and... I don't know what to say. They don't look very appetising, but don't know what they taste like. The just seem to be another form of processed meat, and people have been eating processed meat for générations... However, they seem to have been singled out because they contain over the 'recommended' (rubbish in itself) level of fat - never mind the fact that they contain aspartam!!!

People have so got their priorities wrong! It really isn't the fat we should be worrying about, we need fat. But nobody ever, in the whole history of mankind, needed artificial sweetners!!! Quite the opposite!

However, from what I read, it would appear they are no longer produced (although wouldn't suprise me if the same ingrédients are out there in a different form) so arguement redundant, as you said.

I love fruit with cheese. Black cherry jam is very good with goats cheese! Congratulations on the 2 lb!

Happy New Year!


I think you need an increase in your levothyroxine, or the addition of some T3. Your TSH may well still be too high for you as some of us need a low or suppressed TSH. (pity doctors haven't been told this and think it's o.k. to be 'in range').

If you email for a copy of the Pulse online article and read question 6 and ask your GP to give you sufficient meds to reduce your TSH. The article is by the ex President of the British Thyroid Association.


The slightly odd thing is that you ase losing weight quite rapidly for someone with a TSH of 1.43. It may be in the ' normal' range, but its not where one would expect it to be if you werwer well.

What are your symptoms?


I lost a lot of my pre diagnosis weight quite quickly but since switching to Levothyroxine I have steadily put on about 4 stone, dry skin- I have eczema for the first time in twenty years-, brain fog, exhaustion and losing my eyebrows. However, I also have pneumonia and my GP thinks my symptoms are my body being in shock, although they were there first.


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