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Hi - I have been hypo for about eight years. Thyroid still works a bit now and again so was on 75mcg of Levothyroxin. That kept my T4 high and TSH almost off the scale but my cholesterol was good and I felt OK ish. Last year I got really achy and asked GP to test vit. D. That was pretty low so I got tablets that brought it right back up. At my next thyroid test my T4 was 29 (10-23) and TSH was 0.48 (0.25 - 5). About six months ago I was feeling jittery and aching again, anxious and not sleeping so thought maybe I was taking too much Levo (GP always telling me that results were too high), so I dropped to 50mcg. Have just had a load of bloods taken and would like an opinion on the results;

T4 is 21.5 (9-23)

TSH is 1.72 (0.25-5)

B12 is 268 (191-663)

Folate is 8.1 (4.8-37.3)

Cholesterol 7.11 (way up on last time)

Recently I've put on weight, very anxious, not sleeping more than 4 hours at night, muscular pains and terrible memory/absent minded. If I go back to 75mcg, are the B12 and folate too low? My GP thinks thyroid levels are perfect and B12 is fine which is why there is no point in my raising this with her. If I need folate, how can I get this?

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I would deffo do something about B12 and folate. Have you ever had an antibody test? Maybe also get ferritin and iron levels checked. Your T4 level seems high. Not something I know much about, maybe others will comment.


I agree with crimple about the B12 and folate. I also wonder if your vitamin D levels have dropped again. I know that people with thyroid problems often have difficulty hanging on to nutrients and get deficient or low in range very easily.


Yes I supplement with B12 and I had bloods done yesterday as I suspect my Vit D has dropped-aches and pains back and we never retested folate after my booster course of Folic acid. My last results showed FT4 high and FT3 much lower so I started my supplements again, had stopped to get a baseline, to see what happened so actually looking forward to these test results!


I think your TSH is on the high side - so maybe 50mcg isn't enough. Perhaps try taking 75mcg 3 times a week and 50mcg the other 4 days? It's a very fine balance and it looks to me as if you went from being over medicated to slightly under medicated. Also, remember we've just come out of winter when you'd hardly be getting any natural vitamin D - that might pick up now the sun is high enough in the sky again.


Just please get off the Levo please...Get into NDT, read the whole site please and get a real doctor. You can order NDT from Thailand without a prescription if you cant find a doctor willing to cooperate. Don't choose Armour, Its been reformulated. PM me if you need more info please. Thanks


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