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Understanding Thyroid Test Results

Hi I would appreciate some help interpreting the following blood results: T4 12.8, TSH 0.1 and T3 5.1. I am a 48 year old male.

I consulted my GP regarding lethargy and a feeling of muscle weakness, particularly during and after heavy exercise. Recently getting through the day has been a struggle and sleep is often not leaving me feeling refreshed. I have also been suffering with carpel tunnel issues in my hands for a few months.

It will be a while before I can get back to the GP and I am was interested to get any advice, in advance. For further information my mother had her thyroid removed and I believe my sister has a thyroid issue. Is there a significant family link?

Many Thanks


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In my book your free T3 is low as is your free T3

Your TSH is low but that maybe due to central/2ndary hypothyroid

I suspect

ferritin and folate are low

Cholesterol is high

B12 and all manner of vitamins and minerals are low

all would be consistant with hypothyroid


My thyroid issues- hypo runs through Dad's family, his Mum, 2 sisters and 1 brother all hypo and half of my 12 cousins and some of their children are hypo!! I have been hypo for 7 years and in last 4 months was diagnosed with high antibody levels. Have been trying gluten and dairy free diet for last month (I was diagnosed wheat intolerant 15 years ago) and my antibodies have come right down from over 100 to 75 and latest test is 42. So I will stick with gluten free, probably ok to try the dairy again in moderation! Hope your issues are resolved. Having good levels of all Vitamins and minerals in your blood is also very important. Plenty of good advice on here.


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