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Hi, Have ordered vit supplements, B12 sublingual methylcobalamin 1000 mcg. Selenium 200mcg. Folic acid 400mcg, and Vit D 1000iu. Will

start them later this week when I have received them all. Anybody any ideas on best time to take them? Also any other vits that could be beneficial. I take my leve about 5am as usually wake by then. All advice welcome.Thankyou.

Joan x

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Supplements can be taken 4 hours apart from levo. I take all of mine at lunch.


Thankyou Shaws, Glad I can take them altogether, easier to remember.


VitD is fat soluble so best eaten with a smidgen of something cooked in coconut oil - courgettes slices ?? Selenium on an empty stomach. B12 works with Folic Acid and sorry that's all I know. I take mine in the morning an hour after my early after breakfast coffee :-) I use B12 patches though.


Thankyou Marz, Coconut oil sounds good, not so sure about the courgettes,not one of my favourite veg. Is it ok to start taking all 4 supplements at the same time.joan

Reply sure it will be fine. Follow shaws advice and take them well away from the levo. You could use anything in the coconut oil - an egg even for more VitD :-)


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