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Back again!

Hi all

Haven't been on here for a while as I thought things were improving - Endo was useless he told me I was severely depressed and stopped all my medication and told me he did not want to see me again. I think it may be because I wrote him a letter of complaint of how he was dealing with me. Anyways my GP went along with him and was off, of medication for 2 months, but my oh my this week it has come back with vengeance. Tearful, internal tremors, rapid pulse, unable to concentrate you name it, it has returned I fear it is worse than original. Have seen my GP who said my TFT's were in normal range and I will have to put up with it. I was diagnosed with Poly myalgia at the time endo and GP stopped my carb etc and put on steroids for the next two years, weight is ballooning but much better than feeling like I have been hit by a bus and unable to do anything. Hopefully seeing the GP again this week as this weekend has been pure hell for me. Thanks for listening. xx

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Oh dear im really sorry to hear that, i take it you dont feel depressed i hate it when drs automatically assume it is depression when faced with some of the symptoms you described its true they manifest when you have depression but they are not exclusive symptoms to depression and im telling you you are not severely depressed as there is still an undertone of hope in your writing and im speaking from experience (not my own my husband has been severely depressed) that you do not have any hope at all if you were.

I hope you can get your treatment sorted and get well again.


I wonder if you thought of complaining to the whatever association GPS belong now. That's disgusting behaviour by the medical profession by any standard. Change your doc


My first ever diagnosis was depression. And I was depressed because I was soooo tired, and two small children to look after but never being able to sleep! But not actual depression. Go back and insist on seeing a different consultant. You just have to ask to be referred to someone else. They can't refuse, it's in the NHS guidelines.


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