Fighting back

Saw a GP at the surgery today, told him I felt that I have been diagnosed with all sorts of conditions that really stem from me being unable to convert t4. He said that I have been treated correctly and in his opinion t3 does not work!!! Well that was the start of a very long drawn out lecture on my health,

currently taking 38 tablets daily for various /numerous ailments ,,,,, asked him if it was possible that my many ailments could be because of my inability to convert ??? Guess what, he wouldn't answer me, said thyroxine is the answer to my condition , Idiot,

Saw the practice manager afterwards and told her the same also told her I was considering taking this further.. having a meeting with the main doctor in a few weeks when he is back from holiday.

Will keep posting on any updates that I have

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  • He needs to do a bit of reading.. Maybe it might be worth following Mary Shomon's suggestion here:

    After all, it's only three years old. He probably jasn't had time to catch up!

  • Thank you have saved the article and will use that. I am so angry with the way they treat people.

  • Give him the pulse article to read, if be answers the questions it wii count towards his Continuing Professional Development hours.

    It's available from Louise Warvill (Admin).

    And true, the man is an idiot attempting to mask ignorance with arrogance.

    Xx. G

  • Well done. Patients should not put up with this appalling behaviour and its brilliant that you have the courage to complain about this.

    Even if your doctors training didnt cover T3, he has a duty to keep up to date and that means knowing about all the stuff on this site. galathea is right that ifyou present him with evidence he should treat it as Continuing Professional development. THe GMC are allowing patients to teach doctors about the things they dont know about.

  • I am in the same boat. I have given up trying to get a prescription for T3 and have almost decided to get it online and start a small trial with .10mg just to see if it works. I know this is not what you are supposed to do but I feel I am being left with no choice.

  • jenan, It is always okay to try to get well. To me, it's a lot less dangerous than to allow their neglect to take years off your life and definitely ruin your quality of life. Perhaps if you ask for advice from others on T3 they can direct you.

  • Thank you for this Heloise. It makes me feel better to think that I am not helpless. I'll go ahead and ask forsome advice,


  • hi at last i seem better - i have trouble converting and after a long battle getting diagnosed (i was about 30 when i became ill didn't get diagnosed until 47 and only because a registrar at my surgery thought of checking antibodies) my mum had Hashi she passed away xmas (dr told me NOT hereditary)and Ive had 7 operations all stemming from being undiagnosed - 2 endo oblations to try and control periods then a hysterectomy 4 other opps for adhesion's after the H - eventually got to see a great endo who listens will allow a certain amount of self medication and after 6 years we are now on top things - i take 100 t4 2 grains of armour and 20 to 40 T3 this combination is working for me although only been a few weeks but feel great after lots of trial and error, if I'm on only t4 then i get headache brain fog and other symptoms but with the combination it must be the t2 and t1 in the armour which brings it all together - that's my theory

  • Hi bossbird, sorry to hear about your mum, nothing worse than losing your mum, I still miss mine 13 years on. You've slightly alarmed me. I have Hashi too. Forgive me here, am trying to be really sensitive in my question, but did your mum's passing result because of Hashi? x

  • sort of but she was 83, she had Primary biliary cirrhosis due to Hashi was unwell for about 25 years with it as its a slow deterioration of the liver so don't be alarmed :)

  • Oh dear, that has alarmed me a little as I've had it for about 15 years (I am now 68) and have always thought it was just a mild illness (well not really with the exhaustion and brain fog etc but never possibly terminal).

  • ive had hashi for about 23yrs and so far no other organs have been effected so far but i will probably have some liver issue at some stage - there are much worse things out there so dont worry stress causes a lot of them x

  • Well done you for having the confidence to tackle this ignorant man head on and for taking it further. I have been on this site for long enough to realise that until you do take this approach and fight for all you are worth things do not always move forward. Even when you do say enough is enough and go into full battle mode its still a hard slog - so stay strong, keep fighting and you'll soon start reaping the benefits.

    Moggie x

  • Maybe a silly question but have you seen an endo? I cannot tolerate T4 and didn't get anywhere until I consulted an endo and now I can see a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. Well done for taking on the GP, most of them really do think they are some sort of God!

    Keep going and Good Luck.

  • I have been experiencing the same problems for 5 years with an increasing list of ailments,the GP who is normally good just did not have the knowledge on this particular subject of conversion so never really answered that question just used to list me with another condition until yesterday I took a full list of my symptoms, which was very long and gave it to him to look at and this seemed to make a difference and he has now referred me to an Endo...I think it was the fact that he could physically see how many symptoms I was having to live with that changed his usual reaction

  • The more I read about GP's and their treatment of thyroid illness, I feel more and more like just giving up the fight to feel better and accept my fate!

  • Ditto!

  • Try typing in healthtap into google. Research and read peoples expereinces and help they get from the medical profession... You would be surprised at what some real medical people devote there time too, in order to help people. You can even ask questions free

    Unfortunately GP are generalists and have limited knowledge and these days every practice/surgery appears to have non referral targets. Endocrinologists are employed to help patients, yet GP's seem to think they know better, sometimes you have to take control and not be fobbed off and if that means ruffling feathers, then so be it, after all the NHS is a servant to the public and its not a free service

  • Yes totally get that but I'm such a wimp where my GP is concerned. My mother, bless her, used to tell me to always smile when I went in to see a GP and say good morning or whatever, so although I don't share her way, who wants to smile and say a jolly, good morning when you feel like ********* ! But I guess its somewhere inside me - that "reverence" and "subserviance" and not wanting to rock the boat. My GP is actually very nice to me and as sympathetic as my 10 minutes will allow (there's actually a sign in red block capitals in the waiting room, saying 10 minutes per appointment and only ONE ailment!) but its obvious her expertise isnt in the "thyroid" area, you can see on her face after a few minutes, just "toodle off with your thyroxine, have a blood test in 6 weeks and we'll see you after that" However I will certainly have a try at healthtap, thank you.

  • Take with you or post copies of any relevant info to your GP including what's going on in the Scottish Parliament at the moment especially the letter from the lady MP Elaine Smith, here is the link to her letter, it's very relevant.

    Best of luck and keep on fighting!

  • Well all I can say is- my GP is far better than the endo that I saw at Basildon hospital. He just said my results came within normal range and therefore nothing further needed doing. Ignoring extreme exercise and dieting I was doing. 2.5 stone increase in a year! Depression, muscle pains,Achilles tendonitis, fatigue etc etc. however having gone back to my GP armed with info gleaned from this website, plus Dr Holts book- he agreed to give me a months trial with T3. This has now been extended by a further 3 months as I am feeling so much better and have begun to loose some weight. Hooray. Thanks for all the support I have got from you all. And thanks to my GP who was sceptical re whether t3 would be the answer but was prepared to give me a trial and actually listened to what I was saying.

  • Got a phone call today from practice manager. Mmmm wonder what thats all about? Was told by her yesterday that i would hear from her in a few weeks.. The plot thickens..will post more when i know x

  • you've probably got them worried with the information you have---who was it that said a little info is dangerous -a lot of info is powerful-------they are possibly trying to cover theirselves for the future......always go in to them pre-armed with as much relevant information as you can , that way they cannot deny or pass over the symptoms-----never forget misdiagnosis and/or mistreatment IS a reportable offence to the governing bodies and as such they have a duty to either treat or to refer the patient to a specialist in each particular field .....but sometimes will only do so if you push and give them a swift 'kick up the rear' with a large size 12.....keep going because it isn't only for you [ think how many others are having this problem---that may get the proper treatment because of YOUR insistence ] ,,,,,please keep us posted with updates LOL...alan

  • Oh i will keep going. Dog with a bone!!! Lol... will post after my phone call

  • Just a quick question,

    has anybody had stones in their salivary glands that required surgery?

  • My friend has, she had one set removed, the other set they used u sound waves to shatter them. She said the sound waves were better. She has to keep drinking water, regulary as dehydration is a cause of them. She got a jar of those they removed,fascinating to look at and some are failry large like pea gravel.

    When you go to your meeting with your GPs surgery. Keep calm and clear headed. Have a list of all your ailments, hi-light those who fall in the realms of the thyroid.

    Your goal is to address the over prescribing without adequated testing prove a sympton is or not related to the thyroid.

    Add in a list of blood tests you know you had, those you should have had. Example.

    Youve had TSH tests but not Free T4, you're anaemic but never tested for all the B group vitamims. You get hot flushes but never have been tested for hormonal irregularites etc.

    Think there is a link off the homepage to blood testing that is advisable to have and to be used as a rule out of the equation. As well as common list of thyroid symptons.

    Also have a list of all the side effects of the medication you take. hi-light any that you have.

    Ask for all the full copies of your blood test so you can see for yourself where in the 3 ranges of normal you actually are.

    Add that into the stuff Admins given to support your case.

    You can add and hilight extracts in the page taken from the Royal College on its guidelines on treating patients with Primary Hypothyroidism. Espeically the part in the PDf that says "those patients with normal ranges who display symptons or worsen should be fine tuned etc etc" A good argument that no Dr can put up a fight to.

    These are only the Royla College of Physcians guidleines: but there is an implied emphasis on they should be followed as to aid patient recovery.

    Main link to the RCP

    PDF on the guidelines,

  • This is the GPs version of the RCP. Might be worth reading to find any snippits to further aid you.

    Bit long winded but some good books and PDF's on how GPS should be good GPs etc.

    Royal College of General Practioners.

    Worth a read to understand how GPS work.


    and on the subject of complex health/chronic diease management issues.

    These are a few of the book, GPs should read and are listed on the RCGPs site here.

  • Was prescribed clonidne for excessive sweating told by go it wasn't the menopause,, clonidine cause stones in the salivary gland which. I had last year and had surgery on..

    Excessive sweating is a symptom of hypo...

  • By the way - just a quickie; I saw that on the benefitsandwork website that the legal bods were giving information to clients with regard to their having asked for their meetings with Atos to be recorded but who were fobbed off. The legals said that since the meeting is effectively a 'private' one concerning the individual and their condition,particularly since it was a medical issue, they had the right to record with neither consent nor knowledge of the other party. I think the same goes for a meeting with a doctor, and would be especially useful if it was a situation where your brain fag precluded assimilation of all the information being Bren-Gunned at you. Not only would you have a record of the information given, but also of a, shall we say, less than helpful attitude - not that we expect that from doctors in the UK, surely... Just a thought.

    Keep on going, kid.

  • Very interesting indeed. Thank you might just do that

  • Saw practice manager today, said she had spoke to one of the doctors after I left on Monday,

    I have to put in a letter to them regarding my complaint......

    Told her I would, and i told her when we have our meeting I would be bringing someone along with me,

    All I want is this not to keep happening, too many lives and families suffer.....

  • Picked up a prescription yesterday for pain relief (have sciatica at present) and doctor had written me a wee note attached!!! Saying he is getting me an appointment for pain clinic. And hopes these help in the mean time!!!!! Baffled to say the least, ten years too late mate! Why when you put in a complaint to them they suddenly give a damn.

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