Oh dear, reduce the T3 cos of osteoporosis!

Revealed by bone scan and told to reduce T3 that I buy myself. Well, is that going to make me better? Nothing else looked at either.

Received letter from GP who's clearly doing a tick box exercise and has made an appointment for me, presumably to discuss Endo's letter. Will be cancelling that appointment as I've no intention of discussing my thyroid with him!

Going outside the NHS again next week, I really can't be doing with people who're only interested in covering their backsides and leave the patient unhealthy.

Rant over!!

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  • Good for you! Does ndt not suit you? it contains calcitonin. I have osteopenia thanks to nhs failure to diagnose coeliac for a decade. On high dose d3 obtained privately as nhs refused to prescribe! Suggest you do the same. Also avoid known health hazards like the nhs.

  • I have a conversion problem hence needing T3. Definitely have to agree with your comment that the NHS is a health hazard - that's so true!!

  • I like it!

  • Thanks!

  • Make sure you are getting enough k2, magnesium, boron. Dr Myhill also mentions strontium

  • Thank you, will check that out. Never heard of strontium though!

  • 200 mcg of t3? You sure? That's a huge amount. If your son has osteoporosis , it won't be because of t3 directly, it will be because he is hyperthyroid.... Is he hyper? The docs know that hyperthyroidism causes bone loss, but they have muddled this up with just taking t3.....

  • If you didn't buy T3 for your son, would the Endo actually prescribe anything? Sounds pretty shocking to me.

  • Do you have any links please galathea?

  • Links for what? If you google osteoporosis and hyperthyroidism there is a wealth of info. If you google Liothyronine ad osteoporosis there s only info confirming that hyperthyroidism contributes to osteoporosis. The mistake seems to be in thinking that t3 automatically makes people hyper.

  • Ooooh, poor lad. Why does the Endo not prescribe? Is he actually doing anything apart from monitoring your son's health?

    For 10 years I ran a lot as well as plenty of walking so in some ways I'm not surprised. The cynical side of me wonders whether I'm being told the truth!

  • perhaps vitamin d is involved? have a read of osteoporosis society booklet here....


  • I'm on 120mcg of T3 and fine.

    The GP is very anxious about being sued and so has stopped my prescription. The endo., is sympathetic but would not prescribe more than 60mcg (he did not say what he would do if his patient was still unwell on this dosage). Anyway, according to the nhs I am not hypothyroid.

    Taking 120mcg of T3 I would be in trouble were I not hypo.. So stupid.

    I had bone scan and heart check - both fine. The problem is, as mentioned, that there is no dexa scan done when one is well to compare any bone loss. Who knows what one's bone density would have been, all things having been equal.

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