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Para thyroid high

Hi All,

I've been looking into my joint pain after seeing a knee guy who pointed out my uric acid was high (maybe gout?)

Ive changed over from T3 to NDT, my whole well being has improved ,but the joint pain remains. It has now moved int my shoulders, still in my elbow and back/ribs.

My Parathyroid reading was high at 5.9, Ive read this can cause gout. Ive not external symptoms of gout, ie. swollen joints redness, but the pain continues.

Im assuming it isn't the thyroid hormones as changing over to NDT should have effected a big change if it was that (I think? :D )

God Im sick and tired of joining the dots when the 'experts' have all the readings in front of them :(

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My husband has gout. The docs were bunging him full of nasty stuff. but then we tried him on cider vinegar which, conversely, lowers acidity...... - the traditional stuff with 'mother'. He says it works really well. When he is away and its not possible to carry cider vinegar, he relies on capsules of it.... Says its not as good but better than the allopurinol .


Try some bicarbonate of soda, but make sure it is from the health food shop as otherwise it contains aluminium which keeps it free flowing. Take half a teaspoonful in water in the morning and it will get rid of the acid in your body.


Just a thought, are you on enough NDT? I always have joint pain and muscle aches if my dose is too low. Do you have recent thyroid blood tests to post here?


Sorry ,replied to the post and not your reply :(


Well Im on 4 grain a day, still crash out about 7pm for half hour, bit skeptical about taking more as 4 grain is quite high. Im not getting any hypo symptoms at all. Im a bit guy, over 6ft and 17 stone heavily built. I was on 80 mcg of T3 a day, still low and achy on that . I've found out on here I was taking my T3 at the wrong time,ie. just before a blood test. So this would have skewed my results some, leading to my Endo dropping my dose every five minutes and weight gain/lethargy.

No thyroid tests since I've been on NDT.My Endo is on holiday (4 weeks) and GP wont touch results with a barge pole


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