think im undermedicated

before starting NDT i was increased to 75mcg thyroxine TSH 21

ive been on 2 grains NDT for a while now (been on NDT approx 5-6 months) but feeling really short of breath and pulse is as high as 100

im on nature throid 19mcg t4, 4.5 mcg t3 now if im right im on 75mcg t4

still gaining weight and no up and go

ive started a 1/2 grain increase daily, calling tomorrow to get bloods done and seeing dr next month

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  • Mandy, Naturethroid 19mcg T4 + 4.5mcg T3 is half a grain which is equivalent to 37.5-50mcg Levothyroxine. If you are taking 1 grain it is equivalent to 75-100mcg Levothyroxine. 2 grains is equivalent to 150-200mcg Levothyroxine.

  • thank you clutter, im just going by whats on the bottle as it says t4 19mcg and t3 4.5, guess its differant once the t3 is added

  • Hi It sounds to me as if you are taking too much NDT, hence the symptoms.


  • i was like this on low dose of levo, think its when im under medicated

    but ive just remembered ive been drinking coffee in the mornings so thats prob why im so bad

    just didnt give coffee a second thought

  • HI Yes, you are right, coffee could do it.

    Best wishes,


  • feel such an idiot though because i knew coffee is a big no no

  • Hard to keep track of everything. I think you could probably benefit from another half grain.


  • i think so too, cut the coffee and see how things go

  • So, the tablets you have are half a grain because they contain 19 of t4 and 4.5 of t3. Exactly how many of these are you taking? Its too hard to work out from your initial post.

    If you are on two grains, you should be taking 4 of them per day. Is this correct?


  • yes 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon

  • Mandy, you've gone from 75mcg Levothyroxine to 2 grains NDT which is the equivalent of 150mcg-200mcg Levothyroxine so it's possible you may be over medicated and I would recommend you have a thyroid blood test to check your levels. If you can't do private testing can you get a thyroid test from your GP?

  • i was on 1 and 1/2 grain as requested by dr was doing well then hypo symptoms came back so increased by 1/2 grain with drs approval (told him after the increase) was feeling good until a few weeks ago when i started noticing the hypo symptoms coming back

    and today i relised ive been drinking coffee within minutes of taking meds

    my TSH was rising on 75mcg

    i can get bloods done at drs

  • Mandy, coffee can affect absorption of thyroid meds. Take them an hour before or two hours after coffee.

  • i hate to admit but i did know that :(

    why i drank coffee is beyond me

    ordered lots of decaff

  • Mandy, thyroid meds work best on an empty stomach, so one hour before or two hours after all food and drink.

  • im taking them up to bed and take at first alarm which is normally 45 mins before i drag myself out of bed so by the time im up and ready ill be ready for a decaff then i can have proper coffee after

  • Why cut the coffee? So long as you don't wash them own with it...... Ever had your adrenals checked? They can cause fast heart.... Doctr probably won't help with them... You would need to spend about £70 getting them privately tested.


  • i do pretty much take tabs then drink coffee

    never had adrenals checked, had cortisol blood done came back in range

    argued and argued with dr that i may have adrenal probs to be told im fine

    i just dont have the money for private testing

    i might mention it again next month at dr's and see what he says, hes a good dr and prescribes my NDT

  • Southampton are the only hospital to do saliva adrenal testing on the Nhs, and I have no idea what their criteria are......

    X. G

  • ill try and save some pennies

    thing is i get some put up and we need food or school stuff

    ive tried selling crochet stuff ive made and no one wants it for what im asking

    is there anything i can take that will help adrenals that wont cause damage if taken?

  • Vitamins c and b.


  • thank you

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