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Yesterday I saw my GP as I had to give him my latest tests which were fine for me (not for him as TSH reading was almost negligible cause of

many arguments.). Anyway he showed me a new product by BRACCO pharmaceuticals with iodine supposed to help the transformation of thyroxine into t3 etc. I have hashimoto's and doctors have never said for or against extra iodine. I live in the Val Padana area of Italy which is a plain surrounded by mountainous areas and doesn't have much iodine. However I don't have a goiter , swelling or nodules. Any thoughts? I'm not too eager to test new things as I am doing 'fairly well'

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These are two articles, Part 1 and Part 2 but on reading it, it would seem that selenium is important. The first article tests were on mice :-


Excess iodine intake can cause an autoimmune thyroiditis that bears all the characteristics of Hashimoto’s. However, in animal studies this occurs only if selenium is deficient or in excess. Similarly, in animal studies very high iodine intake can exacerbate a pre-existing autoimmune thyroiditis, but only if selenium is deficient or in excess.

Part 2

I think if I was doing 'fairly well' I might be reluctant to change what I'm doing.


Thanks. I am inclined to agree.


Well it rather depends upon the reason why you are hypothyroid. If you are hypo because of a lack of iodine, then taking iodine would help. Iodine is the raw material from which thyroid hormones are made. I really don't see how iodine would help with t4/ t3 conversion though...... I think he might have made this bit up. If the reason for your hypothyroidism is auto immune, then you have a dying thyroid. No amount of raw material in the form of iodine is going to rejuvenate it.... Any idea of the name of he product he was taking about?


The product is called iotiren. My GP is a friend and his daughter had a thyroidectomy for Graves' disease but he is not too clear on hashimoto's and tends to go by the book. This is a food supplement I would have thought on reading for people slightly hypo but not yet in need of proper medication. I don't think I want to be a guinea pig.


What is needed is for doctors to understand the most basic physiological fact

give thyroxine or t3 and theres no need for tsh to be produced at all to flog a failing or dead thyroid

the feedback loop is satisfied already

my husband and my daughter and grandaughter all have ZERO tsh because they also have central hypothyroid as well as hashimotos


Thanks for that


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