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Can anyone give me an opinion, some advice, regarding my hypothyroid results?

I take 2 and a half grains of Nature-throid. And my results are:

Free T3: 4 (Max here in UK by NHS is 6.8)

Free T4: 9.9

TSH: 0.014

I kept getting the blood test after I had taken my hormones and my results were too high, I also was on 3 grains, and because I was finding sleeping a bit difficult I reduced it to 2 and 1/2 grains.

I am almost certain you are going to agree with me that the results now, for as long as I am not getting any symptoms, are fine. My Free T3 is only 4, it could still be a little higher, right? I am a little sleepy. Should I try and see how I feel with another 1/4? It may even free me from my eczema, which has improved but is still there.

Thank you.

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That's the best way to judge your medication, by how you feel. If you feel well you are on the correct dose. If you wish to increase by 1/4 to see if it helps your eczema you could try but can drop the dose if you feel overstimulated back to 2 1/2 gr.


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