NDT Armour helped lower my total cholesterol

September last year my total cholesterol was over 6 and in October I started armour. A few weeks ago it had gone down to 4.8 Also my weight has gone down half a stone. I have not changed my diet. I do however feel loads better on armour and am able to resume my work. I find it most interesting that by a change in meds has made such a difference in so many ways. I wish all gps and Drs and endos knew how well NDT works for so many people and that they would prescribe it. In the meanwhile I will just have to keep on self medicating. If my GP father had still been alive I am sure he would have prescribed it to me and others especially seeing the change in me from being so ill and sofa ridden to being back to my active self working physically on a buildings site. For me NDT (armour ) has given me my life back.

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  • Great news! I'm just 3 weeks in with NDT so hopefully right behind you :-)

  • Thank you Harry, I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

  • Hi

    That's great news, gives me hope.

    I am waiting for a second opinion appt. and if I do not get anywhere with it, I shall self medicate too.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Browny, I hope you have support from your Drs as this is always better.

  • I'm also pretty much back to normal on NDT, but if took me over a year to build up the dose slowly. Glad you are feeling Di much better too :) xx

  • Thank you Clarebear. Good to hear you too doing well on NDT.

  • Why, especially when Dr Lowe sent a Rebuttal to the BTA (unanswered by them despite 3 reminders) of scientific reasons why Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones was better for us and declared that the BTA made False Statements in their guidelines, do the BTA's guidelines remain exactly the same.

  • Shaws, I think it is abhorant what the BTA did to Dr Lowe but I can only guess that the truth is continuously suppressed by many so that the drug companies can make their vast profits from synthetic T4

    I am so fed up hearing the misinformation about NDT and when I read all the stories of people suffering on T4 I want to shout from the Treetops, TRY NDT!!!!

  • Considering Dr L's Rebuttal was based on scientific evidence says it all about 'burying heads in the sand'.

  • Indeed! So so wrong! It makes me angry too. I am lucky that I am able to afford self medication, but feel it is so wrong that it is being denied as a possible choice to all who may benefit from NDT. It is an absolute scandal!

  • What lovely news hymermad!

    Well done for persevering, it's been a long road for you but now I see a vision of you skipping off into the sunset! :)

    After over 3½ years of being disbelieved by docs I too started NDT before Xmas - and felt well enough to give up smoking too - but I'm not quite there yet, warmer and beginning to join the human race a bit! Jane :D x

    Oh and just goes to show what the docs used to know - that higher cholesterol indicates under-treated thyroid trouble!

  • I am stubborn! And I do have plans to spend more time in the sun in my Motorhome, So hopefully soon driving off into the sunset!

  • Me too! :)

    I'm off to France in our 'tramper' on Friday, no route planned =perfect adventure :D

  • hmm - weekly saving £16 compared to £3.85 spending on NDT & Vit D3 - I'm quids in!

  • Hi hypermad , can I ask where you buy your ndt from? I have drs appt wed, if I don't get any joy, and I'm sure I won't, I too want to self medicate, I certainly don't think I. An feel any worse!! If you could pm me that would be fab!

    Many many thanks and sending healing hugs xxxAngelxxx

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