Got my Armour Woohoo!

Hi All,

I posted last week about Armour not being exported to the UK. Through all the lovely people on here I have managed to get my armour meds "Thank You" and I am going to start taking 11/2 grains on Monday! I am currently on 125mcg of levothyoxine I am just wondering if anyone has any experiences of symptoms that they experienced whilst going through change of levo to armour?

I was taking100mcg mercury pharma and 25mcg of wockhardt,even though it was a small dose of wockhardt it really gave me symptoms ie souls of feet and palms of hands were burning, memory was crap and foggy head, I know this was the wockhardt because I was using 50mcg mercury pharma and using pill cutter to half them, (don't really like mixing brands) but had no choice but to use the wockhardt ,anyways I have the armour here and hoping that these are going to make a difference but with past experience of dose increase/decrease I have always had effects from the changes which are a pain!! So I am just curious to anyone else,s experiences when changing meds as I am a little apprehensive of changing from only T4 meds to combine T4/T3.

Plus....should I also be taking vitamins/minerals and what one's? "Thank you"


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  • Good news, Miss Chris. Others will advise about transitioning from Levothyroxine to Armour but the commonest mistake is to increase dose too quickly. Stick with your dose for 3/4 weeks before increasing.

    Ferritin, vitaminD, B12 and folate levels should be tested and supplemented when levels are low. Ferritin is optimal at 70-90, vitD high in range 75-200, B12 high in range 190-900 and folate over half way in range.

  • Hi Clutter,

    I am thrilled Clutter! I have been given 1&1/2 grain to take daily in morning.I will be on this dose for at least 3 months until I see my Endo next in Sept!

    Last time I had them checked was in Dec 2012, maybe I should ask my GP to repeat the test and try and keep up-to-date with these tests.

  • MissChris, Was your scrip fulfilled by a UK pharmacy or did you use an online one?

    Annual vit/min testing is usually sufficient unless deficiences are being monitored.

  • Just want to wish you good luck. I have just started Armour today. See earlier post. I am already on combi treatment so used to some T3. I know when I change doses I always react. the worse one for me is searing headaches and nausea/vomiting but ive got some anti sickness lined up as it settles down eventually and I want to give Armour a good go.

    I had the same with levo and then when I added t3 the same plus various levels of pain all over body? my knees burn?

    I hope the transition goes easier than you expect. I was hyper, RAI, hypo. Take care x

  • Goodluck to you too! My meds have been so up and down that I dont think I have ever been symptom free! Endo puts me on one dose then GP changes it because of blood results, then when I go back to Endo she changes it and the cycle carries on and its been like that since 2009.

    Hopefully these new meds will benefit me....fingers crossed.

  • Well done you for getting your hand on Armour. I am self-medicating. Switched to WP Thyroid 6 weeks ago. I followed the Stop The Thyroid Madness protocol of starting at 1 grain (I was previously on 125mcgs of levothyroxine) and raising by 1/2 grain every 10-14 days till you get to an optimal dose. As I do not have a thyroid I need to get to a dose of between 3-5 grains because that is what a working thyroid requires.

    Your body is going to get used to T3. Not clear how long you've been on Levo. My transition to NDT because of low iron which makes it difficult to get T3 into your cells. As does having low D3, cortisol, B12 and low ferritin and iron. So if your transition is not going so smoothly be sure to test these.

    Be careful not to stay on too low a dose for too long. You might find starting at 1 1/2 grains too much. You mustn't forget T3 is much more potent than T4. If I were you I would start at 1 grain and raise by 1/2 grain in 10-14 days.

    The book Stop The Thyroid Madness is a very useful book.

    Good luck

  • Hi Peacefullbliss,

    Up until tmrw I am taking 125mcg of Levo, starting my new meds Monday! My Endo has scribed me 1 1/2 grains which I have now received in one tablet . I think I need to get vit/min tested as my last test was in Dec 2012 which I think were all ok. Just a bit wary because I have only been on Levo since my TT in 2009.

    Thanks for the info Peacefullbliss....looks like my Endo has'nt got rid of me just yet!

  • I think you should get your vits tested so you can see what your starting point is.

    How did you convince your endo to prescribe Armour? Is it a private prescription?

  • .Yeah it is private from my Endo! I had spoken to my Endo about armour previously and because I am not doing good on Levo and that the medical professionals are governed by lab tests and GMC,makes it hard for them to go gainst the grain (so to speak) so she agreed to try me on armour to see if it works for me

  • DO NOT just substitute the dosage, it will do immense harm to your confidence!! Start on a half or quarter tablet and work up. Its the best way!

  • Hi Glynisrose,

    My Endo prescribed 1 1/2 grains which I have received in one tablet. I have no thyroid so producing no hormones whatsoever! If I was to take a quarter tablet surely that would be less T4 than I am already getting with Levo, which I think may cause me to have problems, the T3 I have never had so I would be expecting some symptoms just taking T3 because I don't know the science it gets a little confusing who to take advise from,maybe I should read a bit about it before I take it. Do you know if Armour have a short life span?

  • I split my dose one am one pm to get the T3 benefit I think it is used up quite quickly. One dose per day can leave you tired later on. I was on 125/100mcg Levo 2/5 days per week) and find I am fine on 1.25 grains now I am at full dose. So similar to you and I feel much better

  • Hi misschris,

    I swapped from Levo to ThyroidS using the Thyroid Patient Advocacy guidelines:

    I swapped one for the other gradually and it has worked well.

    Check it out and good luck!

  • Hi TSH110,

    Should I only take hlf a grain a day,quarter in morning and quarter at night and should I cut the tablet or not? I don't understand why my Endo has not told me to take it gradual as she must of had complaints from other patients if they too have been given armour for the first time at a dose that is equivalent to the dose of Levo that they are taking.

    Do you know if armour has a short shelf life?

  • Mainly the endo nor the GP knows a darn thing about NDT and realistically I was also guided by TPA and I could not believe that I felt so much better even on a low dose!! NDT contains more hormones than T4 which is just - T4! If you do a straight swap the T3 is too much for your body to handle all in one go!! Remember T4 is only a STORAGE hormone and if you don't convert very well than you are not getting enough T3. Think of it as starving your body for a long time then feeding it a huge meal - doesn't work too well for anyone...

  • I can understand what your saying....think my problem being is that I am a bit wary of it! The 1 1/2 grain has come in a tablet I need to figure out how to cut it into 6 I on the right track?

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to get to grips with this transition so please bare with me as I am just so not clued up.I am taking the advice that I should not take the 1 1/2 grain as it will be too much for my body to take all at once especially the T3 because my body wont be used to it but my body is used to 125mcg daily of Levo.

    Looking at the dose there is 57mcg of T4 and 13.5mcg of T3 in each 1 1/2grain, now if I cut that into 6 pieces then that reduces the dose of T4 to approx 9.5mcg a piece and 2.25mcg of T3. If I was to take a quarter in morning and a quarter in evening then that would be approx 19mcg of Levo and 4.5mcg of T3,would that be sufficient?

    Sorry to be a nuisance but I really want to do the right thing here and I do trust you guys with your wonderful knowledge, its just me I need to know what I am doing and because it is new to me I am just wary as I have to go to work and I don't want to crash out.

  • Go out and buy yourself a good pill cutter, I have heard that Boots sell one that cuts a tablet into 4, personally I have one that cuts tablets into 2 though the Armour does tend to crumble if you are not careful!!

  • T4 is not really any decent measure, its the other T hormones that count more than anything. I thought it would not work for me being on a low dose to start with but it did and I am a changed person since!!

  • That is great news Glynisrose,I hope the same happens to me! I am really looking forward to trying this but me and meds really don't get on! :( I do have a pill cutter but don't know if it is any good for these meds, I will soon find out ;)

  • Hello

    Shaws often posts this link and I found it a life saver.

    Go easy. Definitely multi dose, at least twice a day. I wish you joy on your journey to getting welll

  • Hi Rapunzel,

    Great article! "Thank you" for sending me the link.I will defo multi dose as this seems to be working for people and maybe that is how I should also introduce myself to the new meds.

    I am being hopeful that this is what my body will respond well to. ;)

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